An Apple a Day Keeps Corona Away – According to Katherine McNamara

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Echo Lawrence - April 13, 2020

Katherine McNamara has created her own “Quarantine Boyfriend” out of her silicone boxing dummy -you can see pics of the lovely couple HERE- I guess the self isolation is starting to get to her because she’s actually having conversations with the thing. Hey, at least she’s obeying the social distancing recommendations and not having dudes from Tinder show up and contaminate her!

Katherine posted this series of photos wearing nothing but her little stripped robe, which she left undone just the right amount, with this caption:

“Asked #BobtheQuarantineBoyfriend if he wanted to play ball - he wasn’t game, but he’s still a catch 🍎⚾️🤣
#takemeouttotheballgame #anappleaday #revolveathome #BOBKAT #stayhome #socialdistancing”

Instead of playing baseball with her rubber dummy she decided to eat the apple, because an apple a day keeps COVID away - except if you don’t wash the apple well enough and just bite into someones infected sneeze…