Close the Loop on ‘Looper’ With the Newly Released Gat Man Deleted Scene (VIDEO)

A deleted scenes closes the loop

Call it a strange marketing move or maybe a last-ditch effort just incase the world truly was ending in 2012, but the Looper DVD and Blu-ray was released on New Year’s Eve, containing a plethora of extras (none of which truly explain the film’s biggest mystery of all: How Joseph Gordon-Levitt lost hair hair to become Bruce Willis).

One of the coolest treats on the disc though is all 22 of the sci-fi hit’s deleted scenes, one of the coolest of which is the one above. (SPOILER) We barely got to know Garret Dillahunt’s Gat Man character Jesse before he was unceremoniously evaporated from existence by an angry kid with a little too much TK on his hands. Gordon-Levitt’s Joe even comments on good a Good Man Jesse is, so it’s nice to get a cool, tense scene where we actually see the badass in action.

And click below to watch some of our other favorite deleted scenes. Read more… »

Our Future Looks Bleak In ‘Looper’! What Other Impending Dystopia’s Have Movies Warned Us About?

Rian Johnson’s Looper has been deemed a modern classic already by fans and critics alike, with Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Joe doing battle against his elder self played by Bruce Willis. There’s time-bending action, intense shootouts and even a tiny bit of heart for those love-lorn souls out there.

But the biggest lesson to learn from it is, our future looks pretty bleak. Yes, there is the added bonus that 10% of the population now has telekinetic powers and that time travel isn’t too far away but an economic collapse and the decay of society all but ruins those advantages.

What other movies have prepared us for a bleak future that didn’t involve hover boards?

The ‘Looper’ Paradox: When A Time Travel Flick Makes No Sense, But You Don’t Care Because It’s So Badass

Looper opened in theaters this past weekend and shock and awed audiences with its smart, edgy, tripped out take on sci-fi and time travel. I don’t want to give too much away about the movie, but if you enjoy ass kicking, drugs, breasts and Bruce Willis not sleepwalking through another role, then you’re going to love this flick as much as I did.

But like most great time travel movies, you need to sort of willingly suspend your disbelief and not ask too many questions about the science behind the tech. Remember how Inception didn’t even talk about how they actually manage to inhabit your dreams? That was smart, because as soon as you start questioning the possibilities of an impossible science, your head explodes. Or at the very least, the message board on your movie site gets trolled to the point of insanity. Read more… »

One Word Movie Reviews: LOOPER


‘Looper’ Was Smart Enough Not to Use Old-Age Makeup To Ruin It Like These Other Movies

Looper is a time travel movie that answers the true questions in life: What happened to Bruce Willis’s hair; And why did he make Surrogates? That movie was awful. Okay, maybe it doesn’t answer those questions, but the Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt time-travelling thriller comes out this friday and pits a young man against the man he will become thirty years in the future.

I often wonder myself what I would tell a younger version of me. Things like, You should’ve asked Marie Stewart out in college. She was the one, or, Do a better job of hiding that drifter’s body you accidentally ran over in the desert.  Just the usual stuff, ya know?

Why I really applaud Looper is that the movie made the right choice and didn’t pull a Benjamin Button on us. Instead of using slapped on liver spots and prosthetics to age Levitt up thirty years in order to play himself at both ages, they used simple makeup and cast another actor to play the older version. So many times movies make the mistake of using the same actor over the course of decades in a character’s life and invariably it ends up looking like a wax museum that forgot to pay its electric bill and the A/C was turned off over the weekend.  Read more… »

Emily Blunt Super Tight For Looper Night in Toronto

We are geeked to the nth degree to see the upcoming time-traveling film Looper  from filmmaker Rian Johnson, but we love chicks more than even fanboy films, so we could not take our leering peepers off of Emily Blunt at the Looper premiere in Toronto in just one skin tight dress, pushing even her slender frame into some level of curvetastic. We already lust Emily Blunt in her usual casual dress down, but get her into a body hugging dress that we can easily imagine peeling off her body like an orange and we can already taste the juicy flesh reward.

Emily Blunt, vastly underrated bit of Hollywood hotness. Enjoy.

Viral Campaign Lets You Become a Member of the ‘Looper’ Network–Are You Up For It?

Ready to live the high life? Then maybe it’s time you became a Looper. The viral site for the movie starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt went live a month ago, but it was revamped recently to add access to the Looper Network.

In case you haven’t heard about the movie yet, Looper is Rian Johnson’s upcoming action thriller where hired guns called ‘Loopers’ mop up targets that the mob sends their way using a time machine.

With the site update, regular folks like you and me can now become a Looper and take on missions as if our lives depended on it. The Looper Network is part of an alternate reality game that will assign missions to registered Loopers on August 22nd. The site also features exclusive content like the ‘Top 5 Loopers of 2044′ graph that shows Levitt’s Joe on top with 242 kills.

Interested? The Network’s currently accepting new Loopers and you can sign up quick and easy using your Facebook account. Your adventure begins here.