‘Looper’ Was Smart Enough Not to Use Old-Age Makeup To Ruin It Like These Other Movies

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bill-swift - September 27, 2012

Looper is a time travel movie that answers the true questions in life: What happened to Bruce Willis's hair; And why did he make Surrogates? That movie was awful. Okay, maybe it doesn't answer those questions, but the Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt time-travelling thriller comes out this friday and pits a young man against the man he will become thirty years in the future.

I often wonder myself what I would tell a younger version of me. Things like, You should've asked Marie Stewart out in college. She was the one, or, Do a better job of hiding that drifter's body you accidentally ran over in the desert.  Just the usual stuff, ya know?

Why I really applaud Looper is that the movie made the right choice and didn't pull a Benjamin Button on us. Instead of using slapped on liver spots and prosthetics to age Levitt up thirty years in order to play himself at both ages, they used simple makeup and cast another actor to play the older version. So many times movies make the mistake of using the same actor over the course of decades in a character's life and invariably it ends up looking like a wax museum that forgot to pay its electric bill and the A/C was turned off over the weekend. 

Looper was smart enough not to make the mistake of so many others, which is why we present to you the Five Worst Old-Age Makeup Jobs in Movie History.

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