Courtnie Quinlan Just Too Hot and Too Topless to Be Ignored (VIDEO)

Courtnie Quinlan Topless in Loaded
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This young British glamour model has been busting onto the scene of late, and perhaps it’s a combination of the fact that she’s super hot and she’s also heavily into cars and sports, but the man-kind of this world are starting to fall head over lust-filled parts for Courtnie Quinlan,(a.k.a. Courtnie Q) a fun-bag toting faptastically delicious Plymouth girl, appearing in this month’s Loaded magazine.

Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to have a super hot girlfriend who loved spending her off time (I mean, the time she is actually off of me) working on cars or screaming at the ball game, but after three to five minutes of wondering, I mostly just curl up in the fetal position and cry like an infant. Imagination is such the double-edge sword. Enjoy.


Lucy Collett Topless Pictures Are Red, Ripe, and Fully Loaded

Lucy Collett in March's Loaded Magazine
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Redheaded funbag princess Lucy Collett is all the rage now in the glamour model world.

Since being named the 2012 Page 3 Idol last month, Lucy has been taking her turn around London town at all the major lads magazines, primping and pimping up her hot body for some ginger-haired fun time hot body snaps. Our friends at Loaded magazine are n exception, though their topless sextastic pictures of Lucy Collett are more than exceptional visual wonderments for all our gentleman oglers out there who delight in all things D-cup delicious. 

Ginger. Hot. Boobtastic. Lucy Collett has the three pillars of the perfect Egotastic! girl. Enjoy.

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Rhian Sugden Fully Topless and Absolutely Loaded (VIDEO)


On a day when we have a kind of ‘meh’ review of a rather unimaginative Lindsay Lohan pictorial in Playboy, it’s nice to see that creativity in sextastic photoshoots is alive and well with our friends at Loaded magazine in this rather awesome photoshoot of the even more ridiculously awesome Rhian Sugden, one of our very favorite blonde bombshells from the Isle of Britannia. Talk about imagination, and I don’t just mean at the hands of the photographer, but what these sweet photos of topless Rhian Sugden are doing to my imagination here on a semi-intoxicated Friday afternoon — just plain wicked.

Good on you, photographers with great taste. You bring us much to enjoy.

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Danielle Sharp Selected as Britain’s Sexiest Student, Flashes Her Fully Loaded Nomination Puppies



Nary an organization in all the Isles of Britain know sexy English lasses more so than our friends at Loaded magazine, so when they tell us they’ve identified the sexiest student in the kingdom, our only question is, ‘Well, can we see her topless?’. And, blessed be. Danielle Sharp, selected by Loaded as the most perfectly passion-inducing pupil reveals the naughty side of the Old Country’s co-ed  hotties, including a semester’s worth of sweet ripe melons that must drive the male student body to constantly audit their male student bodies.

There’s something throwback hot about Danielle Sharp, something 70′s supermodel looking we just can’t put our fingers on, but we sure would like to. Enjoy.

Rosie Jones Provides the Topless Basics for Loaded Students



Rosie Jones is always looking for ways to be helpful. In her latest pictorial from our friends at Loaded magazine, Rosie provides her own version of going back to school and some tips on how to make it as a starving student, including one visual suggestion involving cheap baked beans that is pretty, well, unique. Now, I don’t remember many girls looking quite like Rosie at my school, but, probationary continuation schools for delinquent teens really don’t tend to feature rows of endless hotness, just mostly dirty mops and girls you can’t believe are pregnant.

If I could do it all over again, I’d rather go to Rosie’s school and get an education in amazing funbags. Enjoy.

Belinda Stewart-Wilson Satin and Leather and Loaded

Yes, yes, we heard from all of you Inbetweeners fans and oglers of the 40-year old ‘Will’s Mum’ from the show, the quickly becoming appreciated Belinda Stewart-Wilson, who seems to be hitting her sextastic stride just now in her veteran years. You all wanted to see Belinda boobtastic in her naughty satin and leather spread from our friends at Loaded magazine, who know hot veteran MILFS, and, well, voila. She is a sight to behold, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m already penning a letter of introduction to Belinda in regards to a potential Adult Nursing Relationship. She would be the nurse. Enjoy.

HUMPDAY HUZZAH: Rhian Sugden Sexy Busty Bare and Loaded



Let’s jump right into our praise of all things humpalicious; plow head first into this midweek like it’s the lady nest and we’ve got chicks to feed; release the Wednesday kerfuffle of flesh puppies and soak in the richness of the milky goodness. Humpday Huzzah, this week, with a major chest bump to our good friend and outrageously hot hottie, Rhian Sugden, who continues to dazzle sans top in this splendid pictorial in this month’s Loaded magazine where the blonde bombshell both asks and answers the age old rhetorical question, ‘Do you like my titties?’ with splendiferous aplomb.

Rhian Sugden Poses for Page 3So much so is our deep and unyielding affection for our three favorite things in this world, two funbags and our readers, we’ve added in pictures of Rhian Sugden baring her bodacious boinkers this week in Page 3, once again flashing the full topless Monty that has made her the lust of so many lives around the world. There’s something about this girl that I really dig and I just can’t wait to put my fingers on it. Enjoy.