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Danielle Sharp Selected as Britain’s Sexiest Student, Flashes Her Fully Loaded Nomination Puppies



Nary an organization in all the Isles of Britain know sexy English lasses more so than our friends at Loaded magazine, so when they tell us they've identified the sexiest student in the kingdom, our only question is, 'Well, can we see her topless?'. And, blessed be. Danielle Sharp, selected by Loaded as the most perfectly passion-inducing pupil reveals the naughty side of the Old Country's co-ed  hotties, including a semester's worth of sweet ripe melons that must drive the male student body to constantly audit their male student bodies.

There's something throwback hot about Danielle Sharp, something 70's supermodel looking we just can't put our fingers on, but we sure would like to. Enjoy.

Rosie Jones Provides the Topless Basics for Loaded Students



Rosie Jones is always looking for ways to be helpful. In her latest pictorial from our friends at Loaded magazine, Rosie provides her own version of going back to school and some tips on how to make it as a starving student, including one visual suggestion involving cheap baked beans that is pretty, well, unique. Now, I don't remember many girls looking quite like Rosie at my school, but, probationary continuation schools for delinquent teens really don't tend to feature rows of endless hotness, just mostly dirty mops and girls you can't believe are pregnant.

If I could do it all over again, I'd rather go to Rosie's school and get an education in amazing funbags. Enjoy.

Belinda Stewart-Wilson Satin and Leather and Loaded

Yes, yes, we heard from all of you Inbetweeners fans and oglers of the 40-year old 'Will's Mum' from the show, the quickly becoming appreciated Belinda Stewart-Wilson, who seems to be hitting her sextastic stride just now in her veteran years. You all wanted to see Belinda boobtastic in her naughty satin and leather spread from our friends at Loaded magazine, who know hot veteran MILFS, and, well, voila. She is a sight to behold, and I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'm already penning a letter of introduction to Belinda in regards to a potential Adult Nursing Relationship. She would be the nurse. Enjoy.

HUMPDAY HUZZAH: Rhian Sugden Sexy Busty Bare and Loaded



Let's jump right into our praise of all things humpalicious; plow head first into this midweek like it's the lady nest and we've got chicks to feed; release the Wednesday kerfuffle of flesh puppies and soak in the richness of the milky goodness. Humpday Huzzah, this week, with a major chest bump to our good friend and outrageously hot hottie, Rhian Sugden, who continues to dazzle sans top in this splendid pictorial in this month's Loaded magazine where the blonde bombshell both asks and answers the age old rhetorical question, 'Do you like my titties?' with splendiferous aplomb.

Rhian Sugden Poses for Page 3So much so is our deep and unyielding affection for our three favorite things in this world, two funbags and our readers, we've added in pictures of Rhian Sugden baring her bodacious boinkers this week in Page 3, once again flashing the full topless Monty that has made her the lust of so many lives around the world. There's something about this girl that I really dig and I just can't wait to put my fingers on it. Enjoy.

Jessica Jane Clement Boobtastic Lingerie Pictures Certain to Drive British Tourism (VIDEO)

Luvs me some Jessica Jane Clement. There is something extra especially hot about this glamour model and TV personality that incudes lust even in a black and white video (that's what they called color before they had color for you young whippersnappers). Featured in the August edition of Loaded, Jessica Jane proves once again why lingerie is one of the few acceptable forms of clothing for sexy celebrities, especially those with amazing funbags and ridiculously hard bodies and curves that seem to go on as far as the ocean waves. If this brunette doesn't have you calling British Airways for a one-way ticket to the Old Country, then you are simply not ogling close enough. Enjoy.

Check Out Jessica Jane Clement Hotness in Black And White »

The Last Laughs Keep On Coming: Christine Martin (Covered) Nekkid Hot in Loaded Magazine

I imagine being a funny kid growing up in the Manchester area, you made a lot of friends, but still never imagined, outside of your wildest dreams, that you'd someday be married to one of the sextastic women in the world. I can't give enough props to Paddy McGuinness for tying the knot with the former Miss Liverpool and super hot Christine Martin, most recently featured barely covering her bare essentials in Loaded magazine. Christine Martin is so hot, she makes the sun say, 'WTF?". She's so hot she's the next step after already being out of the frying pan and into the fire. She's so hot you have to wear a lead condom just to keep from... nevermind. The point is, Christine Martin is the FA Cup of trophy wives. Good on you, Paddy. Enjoy.

Jessica-Jane Clement Goes Black and Naughty for Loaded

Could there be anything more right than naughty girls in naughty lingerie? Well, me and the current edition of Loaded magazine say, 'nay', with mutual admiration of British B-list actress but A-list glamour model Jessica-Jane Clement in black lady underthings. We've loved this limey lady since she was last year's Lynx girl (taken over by Kelly Brook who got taken over by Lucy Pinder -- now there's a British line of succession whose lingerie drawers I'd like to inspect). Jessica-Jane Clement. That body, those boobs, my heart. Enjoy.