Gemma Merna and Jorgie Porter Cleavetastic for Hollyoaks 20th Anniversary

British soaps love their busty babes, as do we it turns out, so we had to sneak some peeks at the 20th anniversary party of Hollyoaks, an Old Country drama that has given us many hottie thespianics over the years. Including Gemma Merna and Jorgie Porter, who flashed some serious cleave, as soap stars quite often do, on the red carpet of their 20th anniversary party.

It’s not that fun-time levels of boobtastic are the only reason to check in with the soaps, but it is mostly and truly that if I’m being completely honest. Okay, also the bitch slapping. But mostly just the bodacious racks. Enjoy.

Is Jennifer Metcalfe Britain’s Hottest Soap Star?

Jennifer Metcalfe from Hollyoaks is always sexy neck and neck these days with Michelle Keegan of Coronation Street for hottest U.K. soap opera actress, and, well, consider the epic battle between the two super-hotties upped to a new level with this Jennifer Metcalfe sexy swimsuit/lingerie pictorial, flashing the super twenty-something body and looks that make her a perennial contender for the title. Why all the hot  thespianics seem to be flocking to programs not oft-watched by manfolk, well, it’s an inexplicable phenomenon that bears deeper and and more intense private-time investigation by yours truly. Enjoy.

Hollyoaks Hottie Jennifer Metcalfe Is Pimping Hot in Black Leather

Yes, Jennifer Metcalfe appears to be pimping motorcycle insurance, but, heck, from a sexy hot brunette in black leather I’d buy motorcycle insurance, and I don’t even own a motorcycle (because when you ride cool, you ride Corolla!).

For those not familiar with Hollyoaks, it’s yet another boobtastic Britty soap with sexy hot limey types running about in bikini tops and skimpy things. Chief among these dark angels is the afore-bike-straddled Jennifer Metcalfe, who got voted ‘sexiest’ at the most recent Jolly Old Soap Awards this year, and, well deserving I might add. That body, those boobs, that leather. Sometimes, advertisements are simply not fair. Enjoy.

Holly Pokes: Gemma Merna and Jorgie Porter Show Off Their Star Qualities

Now, I know not many of you offshore the British isles dedicate yourselves to the viewing of English soap operas quite like we do here in the Egotastic! offices, but if you’re missing Hollyoaks, you’re missing something special. But don’t let me sell you; just take a look, courtesy of Nuts magazine, at two of the superiorly built cast members, Gemma Merna and Jorgie Porter, on bikini vacation in Spain, showing off their wares which I can only dream of soaping down in some type of vessel designed to bathe the female form. It’s like a four cannon salute to awesomeness. Enjoy.

Gemma Merna Appears in Loaded Magazine Before She Gets Married to Loaded Dude,

One of our very favorite (meaning, most sextastic) British soap stars, Gemma Merna, pulled out all the hot stops for next month’s Loaded magazine looking all kinds of ridiculously hot, before she ties the knot to some wealthy real estate dude, the popular marital target of many a hot young blonde. The Hollyoaks star certainly knows how to properly wear a sports bra, not like that chubby lady on the Stairmaster next to me at the gym whose boobsweat stains form a disturbingly dead on silhouette of Elton John’s face, but, rather, Gemma has proud, perky nipples poking through, the tip of her perfectly curved body iceberg, ideal for the gentleman ogler. Enjoy.

Gemma Merna Lingerie Pictures Put the Holy Smokes in Hollyoaks

We’ve talked more about British soap operas on here recently than a couple pensioners in Leicester baking kidney pies for Sunday picnic. (I have no idea what that actually might mean.) The Channel 4 show Hollyoaks seems to be just a ceaseless bounty of hotness, including last week’s Egotastic! unveiling of Jorgie Porter in Loaded magazine, and, now, Gemma Merna, the show’s very own Carmel Valentine, shows off her A-grade body in these busty lingerie outtakes from our boobtastic buddies at Nuts magazine.

By way of disclaimer, I will admit that I’m prone to be in lust with anybody named Gemma, it’s sort of the British version of the U.S. ‘Ashley’. Odds are, Ashley is hawt. My newfound lust for the sexy Gemma Merna is unlikely to sway me from this unfounded and ludicrous naming generalization. I’d rather be ignorant than inconsistent. I think Einstein or somebody said that. Enjoy.

Jorgie Porter Lingerie Pictures May Just Win the War for England

If you’re a fan of the (UK) Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks, then you’re already familiar with the sweet young British actress Jorgie Porter. And, if you’re not, well then you’re about to be introduced to this sexy blonde courtesy of our friends at Loaded magazine who have this Manchester hottie in all sorts of lingerie and naughty get-ups for the benefit of all hu-man kind. I’m not quite ready to switch my viewing hours from the Spanish-language soaps to the British soaps, but after recent additions to Egotastic! of Helen Flanagan and Michelle Keegan from Coronation Street, and now this little sextastic Jorgie Porter from Hollyoaks, well, I’m going to need to start tuning up the international boob tube controls but quickly. Enjoy.