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Aubrey Plaza Bikini Pictures Let the Sexy Out for GQ Magazine

Aubrey Plaza is making her big film star turn in the grownup girl comedy The To Do List. I wasn’t asked to make my own to-do list, but if I did, it would certainly include spending some intimate alone time with Aubrey Plaza and a large jar of Costco honey. Also, one of those weird wooden tiny barrel shaped things they use to drip honey. That’s a must have. Sweet sticky Aubrey… hang on, I need a moment.

Featured in the new edition of GQ magazine and coincidentally timed perfectly with her film release, Aubrey Plaza talks sex and other fun things (as if anything else comes close to that on the fun scale). I really think this could be the big breakout for the much deserving Aubrey Plaza. It’s time to unleash her inner sextastic on the world. I’ll lay down the plastic mats and hide the children. Enjoy.

Check Out Aubrey Plaza Behind the Scenes Video »

Damn, Irina Shayk Is Really Good Looking in Tight Black Leather

Damn. That’s just about all I got. Checking out these photos of the sultry luscious goodness that is Irina Shayk in GQ Russia, well, it’s simply all there. Wicked hot girl, ridiculously delightful body, black leather, lots of skin. It’s like the four parts of a perfect visual sandwich.

Ever since we first saw Irina Shayk sneaking around Manhattan and out of her soccer boyfriend’s hotel room, well, there’s been a certain feeling of desire that’s hard to put into words. I think it’s best described by a very hard biting of the lip, the sound of whimpering, and punching yourself in the ear. Like a dog would if it had opposable arm joints while desperately waiting for its favorite treat. Very much like a dog in fact. Irina Shayk, you are just amazingly hot. Enjoy.

Rita Ora Covered Topless in GQ Magazine

Lovely Rita, mammarial meter maid. Nothing can come between us. Save for maybe a physical signal of my passion for the bleached blonde British pop diva. Consider that expression of profound lust to be doubled thank to this stellar pictorial of Rita Ora in GQ UK, covered topless (alas) and looking all kinds of classically hot.

Now, normally, I don’t got for all this stylish and dramatic stage settings, but I must say, this grown up bit of visual production does suit Rita Ora. And her body. Which prefers to be unsuited as well. Oh, that I could be reincarnated as that chair she’s sitting upon. Dare to dream big. Enjoy.

Izabel Goulart Covered Topless in Vogue Brazil, Revisited and Enhanced

Everybody needs a little Goulart in their life. And, sometimes, you need just a bit more.

We were floored (we literally do fall to the floor) when we saw the super sextastic Brazilian model Izabel Goulart in her home country’s Vogue magazine last month, showing off her sleek, perfect model body with nary but a jacket on protecting some of her more intimate bits. Well, now we have a chance to peek at the full set of photos from that shoot, an epic array of Izabel Goulart covered topless and just about the hottest thing this side of the sun.

I’m not exactly sure how Brazil managed to secure both the World Cup and the Summer Olympics in one fell swoop, but I suspect it had something to do with showing the Selection Committees a picture book of hot Brazilian models in barely any clothes. I’m guessing Izabel Goulart was right there at the front. How could you possibly say ‘no’ to Goulart? Enjoy.

Jordana Brewster Crazy Hot and Covered Topless in GQ

We simply don’t get to see Jordana Brewster nearly often enough.

The Fast and the Furious brunette hottie goes in and out of hiding, sort of as her character in the film franchise, but something hard for her long time ogling fans here to abide. Now, Jordana is back to pictorial goodness in her spread in GQ Mexico, which features the lean sextastic thespianic covered topless and in various other states of tempting repose. Sultry good looks should never be put in the corner. Not when there are so many fine soft edges to be explored. Enjoy.

Chrissy Teigen Covered Nekkid in Blessed Bedroom Outtakes from GQ

You know how I feel about Chrissy Teigen. The perfectly blended Thai-Norwegian S.I. Swimsuit model with the rambunctious, daring, and downright intoxicating personality, not to mention that equally inebriating body of hers. Oh, and she happens to be good buddies with Brooklyn Decker, which makes her number one on my social circle get-list. I feel like I’m only thirty-seven years away or so.

But, now, Chrissy has probably outdone herself. Thanks to our friends at GQ magazine we get a peek at the outtakes form her recently published mini-pictorial in the July edition of the magazine. We know outtakes are inherently groovier than the public photos, with these being no exception. Gaze upon the Eurasian wonderment that is Chrissy Teigen. Unfortunately, contorting out some of the finer bits reserved now for John Legend. But with a little imagination… well, you know the drill. Enjoy.

Be sure to check out all the photos from the Chrissy Teigen GQ pictorial set and check out the behind the scenes video.

Erin Heatherton Topless Hotness in GQ

Erin Heatherton Topless in GQ Germany July 2013
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Oh, wow, talk about our Hebrew School Hottie getting all grown up. I guess that’s hard to say of the blonde and freckled Erin Heatherton who may have started young, but has spread her wings as a Victoria’s Secret girl for a couple or three years now. Still, seeing Erin Heatherton topless and mature in these rather epically hot photos from her new spread in GQ Germany, we just had to gasp at how fast our girl has matured.

As always, I would still pay a king’s ransom for the chance to connect the dots on her speckled form, up, down, and most definitely all the way around. She can pretend to be a mature woman all she wishes, I bet I can still make her giggle like she was a schoolgirl back at Solomon Schechter. Enjoy.