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Rebecca Hall Hotness Needs Far More Love

I can't remember when I first fell in lust with Rebecca Hall. But it was confirmed when she played the distraught bank hottie in The Town. And several times since. And I'm already looking forward to her in Iron Man 3. All of which leads me to the conclusion that this serious British thespianic doesn't receive enough attention for simply being good looking. What a shame.

But the good folks at GQ UK know better, and feature Rebecca in a tasteful (sadly) but deliciously alluring brunette hot body show that will only deepen my desire to attend some artsy play where Rebecca appears fully nekkid. I'm searching now online. For that, I would go legit theater. Enjoy.

Emily Ratajkowski Topless Turkish Treats for Ta-Ta-Tuesday (VIDEO)


I'm prepared to say it now. Emily Ratajkowski is by far the hottest and best thing to come out of the iCarly TV series. The day Miranda Cosgrove takes off her clothes for the cameras, this debate could be re-opened for valid discussion. But, for now, Emily is the queen, and receiving the royal treatment jumping out of a cake in a bawdy topless pictorial for GQ Turkey, which is GQ, but with bare boobs, so that much better.

Emily has grown on us since first we saw her enter the world of fun-time modeling. I can't imagine this passion play will do anything but continue to skyrocket as time and views increase. She really is quite the sextastic young lady. Enjoy.

Beyonce Smoking MILFy Hot as GQ Covergirl

Blasted Terry Richardson gets all the good photo assignments, both the little kitschy cool half-nekkids shoots in hotel rooms, and high-end pictorials of A-list stars, such as Beyonce, in her first sextastic pictorial since having her baby, featured in the current edition of GQ magazine.

Now, we've always had a deep, profound, and asstastic type affection for Beyonce, before baby, and the way her body is looking all bendy and curvy and delicious post-baby, I'm thinking we're going a little deeper into the profound. Enjoy.

(Check out the full interview and photo gallery with Beyonce in GQ's February 2013 edition.)

Genesis Rodriguez Muy Caliente y Sextastica Para GQ Magazine

Okay, so you didn't see super fine Latina hottie Genesis Rodriguez in the last Will Ferrell movie, Casa de mi Padre, because you, like the rest of the world, did not see this oddly fashioned and distributed spanish-language film. But, then you did miss Genesis, the Telemundo TV starlet turned movie actresses turned feature girl in the upcoming edition of GQ magazine.

And then you're missing a whole heaping of hotness courtesy of this Cubana-Venezuelan hottie who you can expect to see much much more of onscreen in the coming months and years. A brunette beauty with that whole dark and alluring Spanish thing that is personally driving me to the point of actually wanting to learn real Spanish, as opposed to like the seventeen words I know now and can't fashion into an intellegibile sentence. Ridiculously fine women will make you want to learn things. Such is their raw power. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out the entire set of Genesis Rodriguez photos in GQ magazine.)

Rihanna Covered Nekkid and Hot for GQ Magazine

As we say about the few women in Hottieville willing to drop their drawers for public display, love her or not, you've got to respect Rihanna for her willingness to bare her body for the gentleman ogling public. Or, in this case, GQ magazine, where she is barely covered on the cover, and wearing even less on the pages within.

We admire any and all ladies willing to flash their wares without much hesitation or need for special People magazine interviews to talk about their personal bravery in showing skin, and Rihanna continues to be one of our all-time most exulted skin barers. The fact that she has one of the most wicked bodies in all of pop diva land doesn't hurt either. Enjoy.

Be sure to check out the full set of Rihanna in GQ covered nekkid photos.

Emily VanCamp Seeks the Best Kind of Revenge, The Flashing Cleavage Kind in GQ Magazine

Oh, dear Cannuckians, so sensitive about your native lands, pay attention, we are about to introduce even more Great White North hotness to Egotastic!

Emily VanCamp is one ready-for-prime-time blonde TV hottie currently starring in Revenge and promo featured on the pages of this month's GQ magazine looking all kinds of black-bra cleavy hot. Now, of course, we'd love to see Emily in even less clothing, and, I have a feeling, someday we shall, but by way of introduction, you could do far worse, but not much better. Oh, how we'd like to turn those water soakers on Emily. Enjoy.

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Kate Upton Bikini Picture Outtakes from Terry Richardson’s GQ Photoshoot

We're not exactly sure what Terry Richardson was in his previous life, but it might have been something quite rough for cosmic Karma to have granted him the role of intimate photographer of super hotties in this life, including quite famously his bikini and wet-topped photo session with Kate Upton early this summer for GQ magazine.

These photos and the related video absolutely did not disappoint, in fact, they stunned. And now Terry has posted some of the outtakes from this faptastic photo and video session, just to remind you how damn hot Kate Upton is in hardly any clothes and just what a lucky bastard he is for getting to document her thusly. Hey, we do get to ogle, and we're not complaining. Just wow! Enjoy.

Be sure to check out the Kate Upton ridiculously hot cover shoot video on GQ.