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Emily VanCamp Seeks the Best Kind of Revenge, The Flashing Cleavage Kind in GQ Magazine

Oh, dear Cannuckians, so sensitive about your native lands, pay attention, we are about to introduce even more Great White North hotness to Egotastic!

Emily VanCamp is one ready-for-prime-time blonde TV hottie currently starring in Revenge and promo featured on the pages of this month's GQ magazine looking all kinds of black-bra cleavy hot. Now, of course, we'd love to see Emily in even less clothing, and, I have a feeling, someday we shall, but by way of introduction, you could do far worse, but not much better. Oh, how we'd like to turn those water soakers on Emily. Enjoy.

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Kate Upton Bikini Picture Outtakes from Terry Richardson’s GQ Photoshoot

We're not exactly sure what Terry Richardson was in his previous life, but it might have been something quite rough for cosmic Karma to have granted him the role of intimate photographer of super hotties in this life, including quite famously his bikini and wet-topped photo session with Kate Upton early this summer for GQ magazine.

These photos and the related video absolutely did not disappoint, in fact, they stunned. And now Terry has posted some of the outtakes from this faptastic photo and video session, just to remind you how damn hot Kate Upton is in hardly any clothes and just what a lucky bastard he is for getting to document her thusly. Hey, we do get to ogle, and we're not complaining. Just wow! Enjoy.

Be sure to check out the Kate Upton ridiculously hot cover shoot video on GQ.

Madalina Ghenea White Hot in Black Lingerie for GQ

You may, and should remember Madalina Ghenea as the wicked hot Romanian supermodel that was inserted last year as the stand-in sextastic beard for Leonardo DiCaprio after Bar Refaeli quit the position. Apparently, Madalina is now doinking Gerard Butler, and, well, when you look like Madalina, famous wealthy gentlemen will be calling on you and your vagina.

In the current edition of GQ Russia, the super hot bodied sultry femme fatale shows almost entirely what awaits the successful suitor. A perfect body, come hither looks, and other types of alluring female traits that have been ruining men with a smile for eons. We wouldn't have it any other way. Enjoy.

Cassie Gets Hot and Sweaty for GQ

You may not be a fan of the music of Cassie, the R&B singer and current booty call of Sean Combs, you may not even know exactly who she is, but you will likely not soon forget the sweaty splash she makes in her pictorial in this month's GQ magazine.

I can't say I know exactly what's going on in these photos, but I do know there is a bikini, lots of baby oils, and straps and cages, all of which necessarily combine for quite the visual wonderment. How can they not?

Visit GQ for the full Cassie interview and photoshoot and check out the 'Diddy's Girl' video.

Karen Nuremberg Lingerie Pictures Will Encourage You To Polish Your Wood

Brazil really is knocking it out of the park these days, even in magazines halfway around the globe (or more than halfway, wait, is that possible?) like GQ India where underrated and underexposed supermodel hottie Karen Nuremberg puts on a display of sextastic that not only caught our eye, but every other nerve ending in our body.

I'm not exactly sure what you're thinking when you see a ridiculously hot woman like Karen on her back in barely any clothes on a table with her legs up on the air, but I bet it has something to with how nicely that table is waxed and Newton's Law about bodies in motion tending to stay in motion. Enjoy.

Lana Del Rey Takes It Off, All Off for GQ UK

Well, she did manage to conspicuously cover all the good bits and parts, but this is by far the hottest all-the-rage Lana Del Rey has ever looked, probably related to her lack of garments, actually, most definitely related to it.

The Nancy Sinatra retro protege has put us to sleep in most every interview she's ever done, but we're wide awake checking out her nice slender singer body, enhanced a bit by technology, in the current edition of GQ UK. It's a delicious surprise. Enjoy.

Alyssa Miller Ridiculously Smoking Hot in Revista GQ De Mexico

I feel like we only get to appreciate Alyssa Miller a few times a year, when the SI Swimsuit magazine edition comes out, or the rare occasional lingerie pictorial from the sultry Los Angeles native.

But, now, a whole new level of appreciation for the brunette hottie ensues thanks to a red hot covered topless photoshoot in this month's GQ Mexico that really highlights the many sextastic aspects of this vastly underrated model. Oh, sure, it starts with that amazing, perfect body, but there's something about that look she gives the camera that has us crawling through the lens wanting to give her a bowl of milk to lap up. Yeah, I mean real milk. Are you not seeing this too? Enjoy.