Esquire magazine Posts:

Emmy Rossum Is So Hot In Esquire That I Actually Might Start Crying

You can mock my very sensitive emotional state, but not before you take a long leer at the ridiculously sextastic Emmy Awesome covered topless in Esquire magazine and see if you don't feel like shedding a few crocodile tears of happiness. Emmy is just a special treat even when she's not trying to look amazing. When she turns on the afterburners to start pimping another season of Shameless, it's time to call the boss and let him know you're coming in late for work tomorrow. You might also want to pre-advise your landlord about generic plumbing issues.

Featured in the new edition of Esquire magazine, Emmy makes sweet passion inducement seem so damn easy, with a gift few women in this world are so fortunate to receive. Just the special few on my Wall of Fame. It's really my ceiling, but I've learned through the years that nobody wants to talk about what's on your ceiling. Either way, Emmy is there, I'm looking right at her. So hot! Enjoy.

Naomie Harris Thespianic Heat in Esquire

With the unfortunate (but movie marketing fortunate timing) of the death of Nelson Mandela, expect his new biopic to get tons and tons of press and publicity, which might just mean the long deserved big time coming out party for Britty hottie Naomie Harris who plays Mandela's wife Winnie in the film.

Of course, we've been in lust with Naomie since Skyfall, and even before, but this pictorial in Esquire magazine featuring the sweetheart in her sheer underthings and showing off all sort of skin ought to build her a brand new group of adoring fans. But, please, I'll ask politely, get in line behind me. Thanks. Enjoy.


Addison Timlin Lingerie Pictures for the Return of the Hot Young Queen

Young hot Addison Timlin first stole our hearts when we saw her bare chest on Californication. Quite an introduction to the Egotastic! community. The proper way to present yourself to the royal court. We don't often see much of Addison these days, but she's back in a lingerie kind of way in a mini pictorial for Esquire magazine.

It'd just a little sampler, a sextastic appetizer if you will, but enough to whet our appetite for more Addison. We really do miss her brunette goodness and her boobtastic wonderments. Perhaps this is a sweet sign of things to come. Enjoy.

Lisalla Montenegro Wicked Wicked Hot Working Construction in Esquire

I'm not exactly sure where 'Construction Worker' falls into the pantheon of naughty hot female visual cliches, but after Brazilian model Lisalla Montenegro in Esquire magazine, I'm going to say it now belongs in top ten discussions. Maybe right after hottie lifeguard and just before lascivious looking flight attendant.

Baseball fans might also be aware that Lisalla is the soon to be wife of Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson. C.J. is a famously straight and narrow guy who worked his tail off to live his dream of being a major league ball player. I suppose you could call Lisalla his hard-work reward.  Or, you could say his $78 million contract was his reward, and Lisalla followed along shortly thereafter. Either way, let me just add the note, 'you lucky lucky bastard'. She is just crazy hot. Enjoy.

Lily Aldridge Smoking Hot and Covered Topless in Lingerie for Esquire

Lily Aldridge doesn't work as much as she used to, before marrying that dude from Kings of Leon and getting knocked up from super powerful making of the sexy time. But when she shows up, she is a force. As is the case in the new edition of Esquire U.K. where the brunette angel wears a few little bits of black lingerie nothings, or just her hands, to create the vision of one alluring MILFy model type.

Someday, I'd like to return to my McMansion studio apartment and find a girl like Lily in just her panties reclining in my NFL-signature inflatable football chair. I hope it won't be too much longer. I can't keep blowing that sucker up each day. Enjoy.

Natalie Dormer All Kinds of Hot and Underwear Tasty in Esquire

Natalie Dormer seems to be everywhere these days, save for the one place I actually imagine her being quite regularly. The Game of Thrones and The Tudors hottie has made her way onto the pages of Esquire magazine this month, in a flirty, teasy, and all around little lust inducing frisky photoshoot. Meow, Natalie.

She does have those bedroom eyes and those boudoir outfits. All Natalie needs now is to be wrapped in my Target comforter telling me how my broken heater has forced her to take refuge beneath my covers. You see, when I fail to pay my utility bills, it's not because I'm broke, it's because I'm planning ahead. Enjoy.

Megan Boone Flashing Legs and Cleavage in Esquire

Vaulting quickly to public attention with her star-turn in The Blacklist on the boob tube, Megan Boone is attracting a loyal gentleman ogler following and but quickly. Her pictorial in the current edition of Esquire magazine will probably only expedite that process.

Now, if Megan were a natural red, I'd probably be through the roof already, but consider me climbing around the ceiling wanting to know more, much more, about this sextastic TV fast-riser. More investigation to follow (and hopefully much more skin). She is a keeper! Enjoy.