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Scarlett Johansson Is Your Sexiest Woman Alive (According to Esquire)

You know how much I disfavor these superlatives. I can't disagree that Scarlett Johansson is crazy ridiculous hot and I'd give up all seventy-two-dollars of my life's fortune just to caress her ankles for two minutes. At the same time, this whole wide sextastic world is filled with so many hot women belusted by so many men in so many different list of favorites, who's to say who is the sexiest woman alive.

Well, Esquire magazine did and they picked Scarlett. Then they added some photos to prove their point. But what say you about their selection?

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Natalie Dormer Lingerie Exquisiteness for Esquire

Anybody who saw The Tudors or watches Game of Thrones or just so happens to dig hot British girls with amazing bodies is already well into lust detail with thespianic Natalie Dormer. These lingerie pictures in Esquire magazine ought to just about seal any remaining doubts that Natalie has that unique kind of sextastic appeal that doesn't just grow on trees.

Though the thought of Natalie in little silky nothings pressed up against a mighty oak by way of our loin-bursting passions is more than just a passing fancy. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Spreads Her Legs for Esquire

Kate Moss like you've never seen her before, with her legs spread apart. Okay, so you have seen that before, but we still cherish each and every time this veteran supermodel so willingly shares of her private looks and bits, not shy by any means I can think of.

Featured in the new edition of Esquire magazine, Kate talks about a whole bunch of stuff that sounds important but I mostly tune out while staring at her panties and sheer outfits. Kate's still a good looker in my book, and being a good looker is all I'm really good at. So, here I am left staring at her undies. I kind of like my lot in life. Enjoy.

Ambyr Childers Lingerie Pictures Ain’t No Joke in Esquire

Ambyr Childers stars in that new Showtime series Ray Donovan featuring Liev Schreiber as a bad ass fix it guy.

As far as Ambyr, I've been looking closely at her little lingerie pictorial in Esquire magazine, and I don't see anything that needs fixing. I'm not exactly sure how Ambyr got stuck with the porn star spelling of her first name, but this girl seems pretty damn class hot. Yet another new face and body to behold in the world of the celebrity sextastic.

(Also be sure to hear Ambyr tell her joke while wearing few clothes on Esquire.)

Vanessa Huppenkothen Returns With a Whole Mess of Sextastic

Wow, it's really been two years since we've seen blonde belusted Univision TV personality, Vanessa Huppenkothen. I spent all that times tattooing her lengthy last name onto a very sensitive portion of my body, only to see her disappear for 24 months.

But now she's back. Dios mio! In a spectacularly sextastic spread in Esquire Mexico that shows off her ridiculously hot body and light-haired Latina allure. Oh, man, that tummy and those panties. I'm going to have to get back to my plan of creating a fake Mexican movie that requires casting a young smoking hot blonde with the last name of Huppenkothen. Enjoy.

Sam Pinto Lingerie Naughty for Filipina Faptastic

We've featured half-Filipina girls in the past on here, our good and hot friend Leilani Dowding, and Vanessa Minnillo come to mind, but not sure we've been privy to such full-blooded pinay sextastic here, as we do today with the sultry hot model and actress Sam Pinto on heat-high display in Esquire Philippines.

While we don't see many Filipina girls in the supermodel or worldwide modeling ranks, do not be fooled into thinking there is not a sweet boatload worth of supremely hot girls stewing on those Pacific islands. With Sam Pinto being just the tip of the sweaty hot iceberg. A little lingerie is all it really takes. Enjoy.


Nina Agdal Covered Topless Outtakes from Esquire Are Exquisitely Hot

You know how much I go on and on like a hyperactive little girl about outtakes. I love outtakes. They are almost always more sextastic than the original published pictures. Take for fortunate example, Nina Agdal in these ridiculously hot outtakes from her recent Esquire magazine photoshoot.

Kudos to the good folks at Esquire for recognizing the goodness that lies within and without this uber-smoking hot Danish delight. And even more praise for releasing the photos that somehow never made it to the published pages. Just simply passion inducing photos of one seriously good looking woman. Enjoy.