Esquire magazine

Sarah Bolger Topless Covered Tush for Esquire

Young Irish thespianic Sarah Bolger is most definitely on the Egotastic radar. Her career stock just went up with her role in The Lazarus Effect out in theaters this month. Her hotness stock is only now beginning to ascend and match her day job climb, helped immeasurably by her mini-pictorial in Esquire magazine this month.

The daughter of a Dublin butcher, Sarah doesn’t look like the daughter of a Dublin butcher. That’s probably some rank stereotyping right there so if you happen to have hot pics of Dublin butchers’ daughters, please send them my way and I’ll make due amends. But let’s just say, she’s one fine brunette bit of Eire. An Irish lass who’s flaunting her asstastic. This is a trend I’d like to see continue. Maybe to the background music of the doleful Celtic Woman. I really get into themes. And naturally hot women. Oh, Sarah, release me from your spell and my own frustrations. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Chris McPherson For Esquire Magazine

Emily Wickersham Blonde Toned Abs of Hotness Featured in Esquire Magazine

NCIS hottie special agent or NSA agent or maybe member of the EPA carbon neutral task force, I can’t say I watch the show, Emily Wickersham showed off her stellar toned abs and all over hotness for Esquire magazine. A quite simple shoot, but a sweet introduction to the American thespianic so few people know by name. Now you may know her by name and toned tummy, with washboard abs you could bounce a nickel off of, or, you know, something more personal if you’re so lucky as to be her dance partner.

It’s good to remember that below the tier of sextastic celebrity A-listers, there’s several more layers of passion inducing lovelies in the movies, on television, singing, dancing, modeling, or just all of the above. Like Emily Wickersham. Oh, how I’d love to be her workout partner. Mostly the guy yelling give me ten more crunches. When women yell at me when I’m working out I’m prone to tears. I’m told it’s very hard to watch. Enjoy.

Anastasia Ashley Hot Booty Beauty Show for Esquire

I like to think of Anastasia Ashley as my surfer girlfriend. She likes to think of me as that guy she pays another guy to keep away from her at public events. That’s about as close to a healthy relationship as I can must with sextastic beach girls with super stellar booties. I’m the victim here I’m sure you’ll note.

Anastasia appears in one devilishly angelic booty rocking pictorial in the new edition of Esquire magazine. This hang ten alluring young lady is slowly climbing up the rungs of the notoriously passion inducing ladies of Tinsel Town, a climb that I’m going to watch from below while holding the ladder and pretending I’m not peeking. She really deserves everything she gets. A cool surfer chick with a stellar female form. I couldn’t wish her more luck. Or, you know, a nekkid photoshoot. C’mon, Anastasia, it’s time for civic duty on overload. Enjoy.

Rihanna Crazy Hot Sweaty and Covered Topless in Esquire

Wow. Damn. And one more wow. I don’t care if you’re a Rihanna luster such as myself or not, you have to admit this Bajan diva photographs like just about none other. You throw in half-nekkid wardrobe, covered topless, and all kinds of water and oil spray downs, and this Rihanna picture set in the December edition of Esquire magazine is simply off the charts. I’m not sure who makes the charts, but if you do, please let them know they might need a bigger chart.

I’ve been fond of Rihanna since first we met in the virtual eyeballing era. That body on this sultry pop star, it’s just an epically cut diamond in the heavenly rough. Those long taut legs and tight abs and beautiful boobtastic all wrapped in a preening, posing, exhibitionist unctuous shimmering form. It’s just something to behold. And or hold if you ever should be so fortunate. Well done, Rihanna. We’ve got room on the bandwagon if you want to climb aboard. Enjoy.

Penelope Cruz Cleavetastic Hotness for Esquire

Penelope Cruz is another one of our brunette sultry Latina timeless beauties. She just seems to be getting hotter and hotter with each passing season. I suppose I could blame this on how relatively more desperate I’m becoming, but I’m pretty sure the rest of you agree with me as to Penelope’s veteran hot mommy status.

Featured flashing her deep sweet cleave in Esquire magazine, Penelope reminds us all that pretty much every running off to Spain and making love to a beautiful Iberian girl fantasy involves somebody who looks an awful lot like Penelope Cruz. And most likely Penelope’s ample bosom and fine female form. If you can’t feel her hair waving over you and she yells out the names of the saints in Spanish, you’re simply not fantasizing strongly enough. Enjoy.

Chrissy Teigen Cleavetastic Swimsuit Madness for Esquire

Chrissy Teigen kind of owns the world at the moment. SI covers, music artist husband, drunk ball tossing at Dodgers games. And, now this. One wicked hot spread for Esquire magazine that features our belusted Eurasian model in all kinds of glowing boobtastic and alluring outdoor swimsuit poses.

I’m not sure if Chrissy’s funbags are getting bigger or that’s just a trick of the camera or wardrobe or my ever imagining mind, but they certainly have a hold of me like a seal being taken down by a Great White. I can even feel her teeth. Chrissy, you are peaking at just the right time. That time is now. Enjoy.

Kate Mara Lounging in Lingerie Shivers Me Timbers

House of Cards helped me fall in lust with Kate Mara all over again. She really has the sextastic minx thing working overtime. Featured on the pages of Esquire magazine, Kate shows exactly why she works that cute girl next door routine like just about no other. I really can picture her next door to me and filling out those restraining orders my neighbor ladies always feel as necessary for some silly reason.

Kate Mara, lingerie, and a working couch are all I need to be happy. Well, maybe a little Warrant on in the background to set the mood and prepare the lady for the lovemaking of her life. Well, of my life most certainly. Maybe I’ll get a single line in her diary. I’d consider that a big win. Enjoy.