Sydney Sweeney Pretty in Pink Lingerie!

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Echo Lawrence - May 12, 2020

Sydney Sweeney is one of the trending celebrities who was hired to endorse Rihanna's lingerie brand. I assume it has a little something to do with her breaking through the clutter of all the noise on HBO's racy show Euphoria last season. Prior to that show, where she is either consistently nude, or I've seen the nude scene over and over, because it's that good.

What I like about her is that she didn't come up from Social Media, she was a traditional top down from the industry and I still like that old school approach. I guess I discount influencers, possibly wrongfully because they clearly know the hustle, but because I think talent in being in content and talent in having that content seen are two totally different things.

Meaning, just because you can make ok content and can make that ok content viral, doesn't mean your the best suited to be in that content!

Not that it changes what we are seeing here. A hot lingerie shoot with a hot young star!

  • STANKsockSmeller4FUN says:

    I was fuck her huge tits. And not let her know I was gonna fuck them till I nut and that shoot on that pretty face. When she gets pissed, I just say “OH WELL”.

  • Just us says:

    I just wanna suck on her nipple while nutting inside her as my girlfriend watches and say
    “See Bitch! I can multi-task!” jk Love you Honey!

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