Josie Canseco in Activewear in Miami for the Super Bowl

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egoadmin - January 30, 2020

So as you all know the Super Bowl is happening and it is in Miami Beach. Which means that all the hot Miami influencers that you follow on instagram finally have a reason to exist in their own cities now that Art Basel is over and the music festival is still a few months away.

Then there's all the fair weather Miami influencers or celebrities or rich kids who pretend to be both. Like Josie Canseco of "her dad is Jose Canseco" fame.

The party girl, not about to miss a party, making her way to Miami in her hot active wear. Her most recent claim to fame is that she is dating Vine Star turned Youtube Billionare Logan Paul. Dreams do come true.

Exciting times ahead of us. The Heat is about to be turned on FLORIDA style and I guess so will you.

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