Covered Topless Posts:

Anais Zanotti and Ana Braga Have Mastered the Art of the Covered Topless Bikini Poses

I'm not sure if these two models were posing for a photoshoot, or just doing their damnedest to create one million erections along Miami Beach, but French style hottie Anais Zanotti and her Brazilian blonde model pal Ana Braga were putting on quite the hold-your-own funbags festival beneath the midday sun. Now, we'd obviously prefer if these two international ladies of the sextastic would unfurl their full flags and let them wave in the wind, but we can also appreciate the fine art of the tease, even while being supremely jealous of their hands.

Someday, some smart kid on the beach is going to realize that by getting close to these hand-bra girls and blasting an air horn, he's going to get the peep of his life. I hope that someday is very soon. C'mon, teen boys of Miami, step up your game. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Strips Down for Hot Almost Nekkid Shoot in GQ UK

Well, hello there lovely little Aussie lass. Miranda Kerr is featured in the latest edition of GQ UK and she's looking mighty, well, nekkid. Which is about the best or near the best you can hope for with such a sextastic newly single woman.

Now, you know I didn't gloat when Miranda and Orlando separated as I reluctantly and not so presciently forecast the minute they got married. Not a tough call. But I think I'm going to give Miranda a little room to get comfortable with her single self before I swoop in and show her what that bare sweet booty and see-through tank top is doing to my very soul at this moment. It's like a tsunami meets a hurricane meets an earthquake of passion, with only myself to be potentially injured. Miranda Kerr is just so super MILFtastic, I want to scream. I am currently actually. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Wears Only Boxing Gloves to Punch Your Hard Parts

BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee surely knows how to pose for a picture. Outside of her expertise in working bodies into hard shapes, I think her knowledge of showmanship comes a close second. Make that show woman ship. Jennifer Nicole Lee is all that, even when endeavoring in the bodybuilding arena, or in this case, the fine art of nekkid pugilism.

The grand mommy tease has managed to cover up her fun bits with a pair of boxing gloves in a message that seems to be, you can have me, if you can survive my jabs and roundhouses. I'm not sure I could. Then again, being resuscitated by a nekkid Jennifer Nicole Lee doesn't seem half bad either. A no lose bargain. Ring the bell. Enjoy.

A Double Dose of Bryana Holly Skin-Filled Sextastic, It Should Make Your Evening Smoother

We really got tons of positive feedback on Brody Jenner's former model girlfriend, Bryana Holly. While her name strikes images of Valley Girl gum chewing mall girl, her photos as in the Carlos Nunez wicked hot set above courtesy of the mind bogglingly awesome Playboy Tumblr Site (if you're not clicking on that, what the hell are you doing online?) or her covered topless and pulling down her jeans, as below...

...ought to assure you she is much more than a mall rat. She is indeed one smoking hot model who we really have to see much more from in many different positions and magically disappearing wardrobe. I wouldn't yet call her one of my super favorites, but we are getting ever so much closer to that regard. Naturally, if she asks me in person, she's my A-1 girl. That's just smart. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Carlos Nunez / Playboy for iPhone

Melissa Riso Sextastic Hot and Covered Topless for Kandy Delights

We first met model Melissa Riso last year doing a series of bikini shoots about the beaches and skylines of Los Angeles. Now, she's back and bolder, err, more revealing than ever in one wicked hot pictorial for Kandy magazine. Not only is Melissa showing off her stellar female form, she's holding parts of it that are genuinely making me quite jealous of her hands.

Melissa is one of those girls dying to blow up in the hot modeling world. She seems to have the allure and charms to climb higher in this cat-eat-cat business. She definitely has the body. I can't wait to see where she's headed, especially if it's into even less bits of clothing. Enjoy.

Jessica Pare Covered Nekkid in a Pool for Esquire

The thought of swimming nekkid with Jessica Pare surely is a tantalizing idea. The tall long and Frenchy-style lean thespianic has always had quite the naughty girl allure since many of us first fell for her in her classic lesbian teen making of the sexy scenes on screen.

While I can't give Esquire magazine full credit on this wonderful pictorial, seeing as how we don't really see Jessica's finer parts, I do give props for a wonderful tease from a well-alluring woman with a sparkling personality. Now we just need to see the source of the sparkle. I'm ready for this, Jessica. Enjoy.

Nicole Aniston Goes Top Off and Hand-Bra for A Second Day of Water Pimping

I guess when you're trying to sell water, there are no limits. That H20 bottled racket is not a game for the meek. So why not get Nicole Aniston to pop off her top and hand-bra the shizz out of her tremendous knockers in the hopes it leads to more overpriced water moving across the checkout counter.

Nicole Aniston pretty much seems like she was born to model. Oh, yeah, also that other thing she does on film that I'm told some guys like to watch while I'm at home sipping Earl Grey and watching NOVA on my low carbon footprint television set. But she's definitely got the body for both. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was jealous of her hands right about now. The beverages I can get on my own. Enjoy.