Covered Topless

Gigi Hadid Crazy Hot and Bare for V

I’ve died and gone to Gigi Hadid heaven. Wow. This young model is not only career on fire, she’s hot bodied en fuego. And considering she’s wearing no clothes in this racy shoot for V magazine, I can say most definitely I’m experiencing the flames of passion from every nekkid inch of her perfect body.

We’ve seen Gigi wearing more and more revealing outfits for her recent shoots, but this still is the most pleasant kind of surprise, ogling her bare bottom and connected parts thereof as if she were dropped down by the angels of the sextastic and placed into leer worthy position. Wow again. I believe this is how men officially lose their marbles. Also, their… yeah, nevermind. Sorry, children. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: V Magazine

Gisele Bundchen Is Super Flexible Without A Shirt On

I don’t know if Gisele Bundchen is officially retired yet from her catwalk days. She’s mentioned recently she’s walking off into the sunset soon. Based on these covered topless super flexible photos from her native Brazil’s Vogue magazine, I’d have to say she’s definitely leaving the game in her prime quite still. One tall lean and animated body that looks good in and out of anything and everything.

I have no doubt Gisele will remain active in the hot MILFy mom category in some capacity even if it’s not formal fashion shows. Hopefully more candids and more revealing sets in magazines to keep herself feeling young and wanted. Trust me, Gisele, you are wanted. Even when you are no longer young, you will still be wanted. In fact, if you let me call you mommy, I might just spurge on the breadsticks when I order the Domino’s for you and I at the mansion on night’s Tom is gone and you need a hug. I’m like that. Very very cheap. You are very very hot. Only one of us should walk around topless. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vogue Brazil/Instagram

Nina Agdal Topless Starred (Not By Me!) Body Beautiful Shots Appear

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Now you know, before our star machine broke down last month and is awaiting repairs by the Louisiana State Prison technology department who is the only outlet that knows how to fix it, we used to star our thumbnail photos of beautiful topless women. Then you clicked and the stars disappeared. Like removing tassels, only our version didn’t cost you what that might at the Horny Rooster Club off the highway. But this censored perma-starring on Danish Delight Nina Agdal, well, I’m pretty sure that red warning notice on DVDs before the movie runs means this is a capital offense and Interpol is coming after somebody.

On the glass is half full with hotties side of the equation, one small photo of this outstandingly hot lingerie and swimsuit model did make it through the worm hole un-starred. A unique look at the bare body of Nina Agdal who I like to think we discovered now several years ago. I’m quite certain she’s not nervous about people seeing her nekkid body. When you look perfect, you’re perfectly confident. It’s a working theory at least. As for Nina, oh, how we will be searching for the un-starred version of these photos, we do kind of owe it to the posterity and our craven bobos. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Frederic Pinet

Topless Whipped Vikings and Hottie Brothel Barers Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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Hello, boobs. We really ought be polite when addressing our holy bits of goodness that give us so much pleasure and ask for so little in return. This week’s Boob Tube Roundup in particular focuses on a double heaping of the bare funbags on the small screen, where all the chesty reveals are happening in viewable media these days.

This week’s Boob Tube Roundup includes Karen Hassan taking an either punishing or passionate topless whipping in Vikings, depending on your interpretation, and Xena Avramidis and a few of her lovely lass friends baring all in the brothel for Game of Thrones. Oh, how the casting sessions for that show must be simply outstanding. Jealous am I. Oh, yes, Yoda. Undoubtedly. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Game Of Thrones” HBO/”Vikings” History Network

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What Became of Jenna Miles, Sextastic Internet Girl Next Door?

Editor’s Note: some or all of the media previously associated with this post has been modified or removed.

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I don’t know exactly. But EgoReader ‘Jeremy’ asked me so I’m asking you. A couple years ago Jenna Miles burst onto the YouTube/Social Media heartbreaking scene with numerous crazy hot brunette sweetheart covered topless pictorials and visual displays of wonderment. Websites, tumblr accounts, all the works. Then, poof. It was like lightning in a bottle. I hope the reasons for her absence are of the administrative or casual decision nature only. But I offered to help out Jeremy in his quest. I mean, just look at Jenna Miles.

Egotastic! team of human bloodhounds with excessively sensitive senses when it comes to hot women — engage!

Photo Credit: What Used to be JennaMiles site

Suki Waterhouse, Cara Delevingne, and Georgia May Jagger Form the Sandwich of All Nekkid Model Sandwiches


Every now and then a photo comes along that reminds me of why I got into the business of naughty day dreaming. This new teaser for Vogue featuring young models Suki Waterhouse, Cara Delevingne, and Georgia May Jagger is just one of those photos. From the gap teethed down the nekkid covered bodies to the fuzzy heels, there’s nothing about this picture that I don’t absolutely endorse. Well, perhaps the fact that Cara’s taken my place. But, being a semi-realistic dreamer, I can live with the fact that this show is going to mostly be about watching. Girls, you have no idea how big I tip, provided you’re not good at converting U.S. dollars in your noggins. So desperately hot. Please, don’t stop. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Vogue Magazine

Anja Konstantinova Covered Topless In The Studio

Petite Russian beauty Anja Konstantinova decided that she didn’t need a restrictive bra, her arm was support enough. Anja has what I like to call a pair of perkies. They aren’t massive hooters that might give a man carpal tunnel from handling them but they aren’t mosquito bites either. No, they are just right in the middle. Her boobs would be the ones Goldilocks would pick because they are just right. I bet she seriously doesn’t often wear a bra. I imagine that she moves around and everything stays in place. I’ll give the Russians this, they sure know how to produce some fine women. That and vodka. They are pretty great at making both.

I do so love a good covered topless pic. I enjoy the tease as it makes life exciting. Who wants a girl you don’t have to work for a little bit?

Photo Credit: Alessandro Casagrande