Miranda Kerr’s Meditation Moment

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Echo Lawrence - April 6, 2020

Here is a moment of zen with Miranda Kerr.

She is the wife and mother of the children of a Billionaire who created Snapchat, who probably didn't expect to be a billionaire with Snapchat who was married to and knocked up to his favorite actor Orlando Bloom's ex wife after she had a stint with another billionaire, because clearly their relationship is based on love, even if that love is the love of the bank balances of dudes she is with.

I am not a fan of an older Miranda Kerr, I actually forgot she existed until today. I do remember her getting all that hype she got back in the day while working for Victoria's Secret. I do remember when she was rumored to have cheated on Orlando Bloom with Justin Bieber during one of the Victoria's Secret fashion shows, when Bieber was barely 18 if he was even 18.

This doesn't really speak to that version of her, this is the "I'm comfortable with this billionaire all boxy and in her one piece" because clearly she's got that dot com nerd in her back pocket, but when they break up, you can expect her to bring back the near 40 year old mom of a bunch of kids smut!

Miranda Kerr Meditating Swimsuit

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