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Taylor Momsen Flashing Her Taped Up Boobtastic and the Melons of Others Onstage in Buenos Aires

Weird thing. We haven’t seen much of Taylor Momsen since we tracked her ever so closely on her almost barely legal tour of European nightclubs over a year ago, flashing her panties and body parts in all sorts of underaged manners upon which we could not comment. Then, she turns 18, and it was a virtual disappearing act from the ogle-worthy photo game. Like a reverse coming of age story, something we had a very hard time swallowing.

But, after a long absence from the Egotastic! stage at least, the formerly punkish rebel smoking model and singer turned a stage performance in Argentina into a newsworthy event when she pulled up her shirt and flashed her grip-taped over rocker chick melons and then proceeded to barely cover up a busty pair of fan knockers from a woman brought on stage. The entire thing was some sort of massively teasing stage craft that we kind of admire, and, yet, wonder if old school rocker chicks might not have skipped the tape and the hand-bras for their ‘in your face, society’ type moments.

Nevertheless, it is so very good to see almost all of tall blonde and naughty Taylor Momsen once again. Enjoy.


Madonna Whips Out Her Bare Udder Again to an Utterly Unamused Concert Crowd in Paris (VIDEO)

Madonna Flashes Her Bare Top Once More in Paris Concert Stop
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Flash me once, shame on you. Flash me twice, shame on Madonna.

The Material Girl once again picked another big city concert stage to yank out her fifty-plus milker and flash it bare to the oohs and aahs of Parisian fans, or whatever noise French folk who pay to see Madonna make when she not so candidly whips out her teat in the middle of a show.

We last saw sight of Madonna’s past-season melon in Istanbul, and I suppose she has some formulae for the lucky contestant cities that get to see her bare top on stage, or maybe she’s just plotting her revenge based on grudges she still holds from 13th century European land wars gone bad. Enjoy.

(Thanks to EgoReader ‘Michael’ for a late night delivery of Madonna topless; thanks we think.)


Nicole Scherzinger Deep Cleavage Goodness at the Hollywood Bowl

Former Pussycatter and current supremely sultry hottie, Nicole Scherzinger, brought her pop music and dance act to the Hollywood Bowl last night, and while we can’t actually recommend the auditory experience, we can certainly get behind Nicole’s low cut top and dance moves that flashed her deep cleavage deep into the night.

Hot woman. Long dancer body. Sweet moves. Tiny low cut outfits. The recipe for sextastic success. Enjoy.

Rihanna Battles Jessie J in a Bare Midriff Diva-Off at Wireless Music Fest in England

It’s hard to fathom how women baring their taut, tight tummies in public in some nations would be cause for a stoning-to-death (that’s stoning, not stoned-to-death, Pablo, who works in the closet in our IT center that always has skunky smoke pouring out from under the doorway).

But, in the more enlightened and blessedly depraved quarters of the globe, the sight of Rihanna and Jessie J flashing their bare midriffs on the Wireless Music Festival stage over the weekend, well, it just gives you a happy kind of hot pop star on stage tingle, right in your enlightened areas.

The two divas going navel to navel in a battle over the finest looking midsections at the British music festival and driving all the lads crazy. It’s a good thing, more skin would be a great thing, but a cultural phenomenon still to be cherished. Enjoy.

Rita Ora Upskirt Pictures Flash the Thong and Bare Arse in ‘T in the Park’ Concert in Scotland

Rita Ora really is fast becoming an Egotastic! hero. We love a young woman who is not frightened to combine her obvious sextastic with her music and not be afraid that people won’t take her seriously or that a young female audience will be frightened off by her full womanhood (hi, Katy Cocktease, we are talking to you).

Rita took to the stage in the Northern Lands of the British Isles this weekend at the ‘T in the Park’ concert and hit the stage in a super tight, super short, zipped up the back black leather dress that not only flashed her shapely shape, but every time Rita hit the floor with musical passion, her dress rode up high enough to flash her cheeks and thong covered lady nest. Talk about stage craft! Enjoy.

See Rita in Concer at T in the Park »

Jennifer Lopez Rainy Concert Performance For the Wet MILFtastic Showgirl Win

The show must go on.

Jennifer Lopez refused to quit her concert in Brazil while the showers poured down over her veteran hot body like beads of sweat from heavenly oglers above. And her hard worked body did not quit the show either as she Flashdanced her away around stage pumping out her admittedly craptastic over-produced and re-dubbed pop music, but, still, showing the kids why she’s still got plenty of hotness left in her performance tanks. It was wet, wild, and J-Licious. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Drops a Leg Spreading Performance in Rio

Say what you want about Jennifer Lopez, about ‘time for mom to retire’, and yes, we hear the slams out there, but this hot MILF has still got some serious rope left in her lasso, and she was letting out some line on stage in Rio last night, where, granted, we’d likely be wearing ear plugs, and, yes, it’s all lip-synched, and, yes, there are hella foppish dancers ever-encircling her (including her new boyfriend), BUT, J-Lo still owns the stage, still manages to bend her curvy body into muy desirable states of contortion, and she’s still on our top 10 list of moms who need a good spanking. So, there.