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Taylor Swift Gets Raunchy Wild at DC Concert

Wow, well I guess Taylor Swift really is getting all grown up. A little late, but better late than never, as the pop country sensation has added some Miley and Rihanna type leather moves to her teeny bopper performance, including in our nation’s capital over the weekend where she went full crotch shot forward.

I’m not exactly sure what this particular pose has to do with songs about horrible boyfriends breaking her heart, but I suppose you might say Taylor still has a yearning burning in her heart or other places for men in general. Looking forward to painful breakup #17 already. Enjoy.

Rihanna Tears Up Miami With a Concert Crotch Grab and a Body Baring Party Dress

You know who’s not a shy person? Rihanna. Yep, doesn’t take much to get her out of her shell. While most pop divas and performers seem to fake their exhibitionism and publicly sextastic personas, Rihanna seems to really dig hers. She seems like one outgoing horny devil. Not that I’d sit through 90 minutes of her tunage just to see her grab her crotch because it feels good. But I’ll certainly eye the pictures.

As I did of Rihanna this same weekend in Miami, hitting the party circuit in a hot body revealing dress. Rihanna owns the eyeballs. She knows it. She loves it. She probably runs the bathtub spigot thinking about it. That’s pretty damn hot. Enjoy.

Cheryl Cole Continues Her Girls Aloud Reunion Hotness Campaign

I wish I could quit Girls Aloud. And, please, no more emails about how awesome Girls Aloud was or how vocally talented. It’s a debate that should never start and will never end. Let us just come together and focus on the hotness that is still Cheryl Cole. The main reason the band ever gained popularity among the jewel-dangling gender of the species from the start. Even a decade later in an obvious cash-sucking reunion campaign, Cheryl Cole looks like the kind of girl you want to bring out the big bills for at the high end clothes-removing clubs (not that I partake in such activities, the high end part I mean).

Just so yummy and delicious in a female concert performance type of way. Especially those killer legs. Enjoy.

Cheryl Cole Makes Girls Aloud Reunion Show Worth Ogling

Let’s get this out there — Girls Aloud was a craptastic lip-synching Spice Girls follow-up girl band that musically speaking lay somewhere beween clicking your fingernail against and empty beer can and the sound of two wild dogs humping.

That being said, Girls Aloud brought us some sensational female hotties, the head of the class belonging to Cheryl Cole, who strutted, pranced, and did that lip-synching on stage much to the delight of teeny bopper fans, and teen males who found a frequent visual object to focus on while practicing their independence.

Well, the Girls Aloud are back and making some cash on a reunion concert thing, and so is Cheryl Cole, flashing some of the goodness gracious hot body that first made the not so fearsome fivesome worth watching a decade ago. Enjoy.

Amanda Reifer Flashes Bare Midriff Concert Style in Her Native Barbados

Unless you’re a Rihanna music fan, you’ve probably not heard much about Cover Drive, the Bajan band that has opened several times for Rihanna on her recent tours, a band formed in her native Barbados homeland, fronted by Amanda Reifer, who may draw mixed feelings among our audience, but who we definitely wanted to introduce.

Amanda has some serious concert performance ‘tude, flashing heavy skin in the manner of Rihanna, and we have a hard time not staring down, if not downright respecting, the girls who get sexy naughty on stage for any reason. Enjoy.

Cheryl Cole Cleavy Concert Performance For Your Cheryl Cole Faptastic Needs

Sometimes, you just need to re-fill your Cheryl Cole tank.

For as much as we so truly lust the former Girls Aloud kind of singer, outside of a few X-Factor gigs here and there and some air-brushed promotional photos, we really don’t get to see much of this brunette hottie, not nearly enough. So we’re reaching back, all the way back to last week when Cheryl performed at the Echo Arena in Liverpool and flashes all kinds of cleavetastic hotness. Oh, it brought back so many fond memories.

Cheryl Cole, welcome back. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Once Again Hottie Highlights Our Favorite German TV Show

The last time Jennifer Lopez hit the sound stage at the Wetten, Dass…? variety show in Germany, she got so excited her boob fell right out of her dress, fully exposed for Deutschland. Now that’s a variety show.

No such luck this time, albeit the still wicked hot MILFtastic 40-something put on quite a show in her see-through lace outfit for the good folks of Germany, reminding all of us just why J-Lo has such worldwide popularity, because it’s not her half-octave range. Still, you turn the sound down and just admire the beauty and the body, and we’ve got some Dass for your Wetten right here, my friend. Enjoy.