Charlotte McKinney Chesty Cleavage For A Rolling Stones Concert

The always smoking hot Charlotte McKinney was spotted at a Rolling Stones concert looking as boobtacular as ever. She was sporting a leather jasket and a shirt that was both low cut and kinda see-through. The resulting cleav was one for the ages. After all, Charlotte McKinney has arguably the best boobage in the business. There are VERY few who are even in the same category of boobishness as her. If I were a poet instead of an online “journalist” I would write a mighty tome to her luscious lady melons. But alas, the words escape me. If I ever saw Charlotte in person I would probably react like a cartoon wolf and have my eyes bug out and my tongue unroll like a carpet.

What I’m saying is that as far as the boobtacular arts go, Charlotte is friggin’ Picasso.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews

Charlotte McKinney Busty Arm Bra And Shiny Swimsuit Hot Body Wonderments

Charlotte McKinney is really starting to grow on me. This prolific shooting and passion inducing busty blonde just seems to want it really bad. I want it to, Charlotte, so I know how you feel. Though the things we want might be different. Charlotte wants to make a name and body for herself. I want her to be successful then kiss her hiney both literally and figuratively while discussing great novels neither of us have read. We can do it by the pool, while discussing optimal arm bra positions to barely cover her splendid bazoongas.

Featured in the latest edition of Socialite, Charlotte McKinney shows why her ambition matched with these sweet goods is going to take her super far in the world of looking awesome. Yes, looking awesome has it’s own world. Sextastic is but an island in this world that you can swim too, if you’re ridiculously hot enough and or your funbags can be used as a flotation device. And right in the middle of that island is my rustic cabin where the caretaker lives. No, that’s not me, but I’m going to push him over the falls and take his place, once I’m done growing this sinister mustache. Charlotte, you are the bomb. Though somehow I’m the one feeling ready to explode. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Socialite

Irina Shayk And Adriana Lima Hug Dreamily At The Chopard Gold Party

I don’t know much about the Chopra watch brand other than I’m guessing their Gold timepieces cost more than my Hello Kitty knockoff Swatch and I failed to receive my invitation to their swank bit of party night in Cannes. Meanwhile, half of the hot models in the city seemed to get their parchment copy with time, date, and location. Hmm, this could be a conspiracy.

There were a number of hot and lovelies gracing the red carpet of this event including Sara Sampaio, Michelle Rodriguez, and Lindsay Ellingson, but when Irina Shayk and Adriana Lima hugged I nearly spit out my gonads. Wait, what? I mean, it was a very emotional and heartfelt moment that reminded me of the humanity inside all of us, also, the boners. I’m just being honest. Those two girls hugging comes straight out of my many a REM sleep night fantasy where supermodels hug each other then rock-paper-scissor to see who gets the first round of Uncle Bill magic. Maybe a hair pulling instead of rock-paper-scissors. My dreams are flexible. So are these girls. I bet this party was better than horrible. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Rumer Willis Wins In Plunging Braless Cleavage

Rumer Willis has a lot going for her. Famous family, rising stardom, and the fact that she rarely wears a bra. You can see an example of the latter in the fancy dress she’s wearing in these pics. They have a plunging neckline that go almost all the way to her belly button. The resulting cleavage is truly a sight to behold, (and I wouldn’t mind to be holding those bad boys, if you get my meaning). I am a fan of Rumer’s ta-tas. They are just the perfect size. Not so big that you get carpal tunnel from handling them but not so small that you have to search for them in the dark. As if that wasn’t enough she also gave us a peek at her legs. And by a peek I mean the full view.

Rumer really is her mother’s daughter. Think of all the naked fun we had with Demi Moore in the 90′s.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews

Jessica Lowndes Nearly Busts Out Of A White Top In Cannes

It’s not easy to be noticed in Cannes during film festival week. The place is packed with dignitaries and world class hotties as far as the eye can see. Even farther if you bring binoculars as I highly recommend. Jessica Lowndes figured out a way to stand out from the crowd during an evening event in the South of France city. A low cut not quite ample white top for her more than ample bosom which was barely contained therein. It’s not the most subtle of promotions, but who wants subtle when you’re in the world class epicenter of eyeball competition. I give Jessica nothing but credit and my undying lust for going big, or going home.

Jessica Lowndes is one of those sextastic celebrities that seems to be out of the public eye for weeks on end then unexpectedly pops up out of nowhere flashing her glorious body like a fine female form champ. It’s like a boobtastic Jack in the Box surprise. It makes me startle every time. But in a good way, not like when I used to cry and all the kids mocked me. Though in both cases I do need to run to the bathroom and lock the door to deal with my feelings. Jessica, well played. I’d love to pin a medal on you, now, let me see where… Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba, Gigi Hadid And Karlie Kloss Form Hot Girl Gang In Bad Blood Music Video

Taylor Swift made a new music video and it’s inexplicably pretty awesome. I believe the song Bad Blood is just another in her line of odes to bad boys and bad relationships and bad dinner dates at Denny’s. But the music video is pretty genius in its use of Taylor and her hottie female friends like Jessica Alba, Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid in special cameo appearances in this super ninja spy action movie homage. I don’t know exactly what it’s about, but Taylor is showing lots of skin for Taylor and everybody else is in kick-ass pleather body suits which makes it the best music video of the year by, for, and about female celebrities.

As you know, Taylor Swift is one of my many secret shames. Much like a tween girl, I adore her, though I doubt tween girls want to have her as their dominant prurient mistress ordering all kinds of unspeakable acts of degrading intimacy. I don’t know, maybe they do, I’ve never known what girls think. This Bad Blood video certainly isn’t going to help my infatuation. I doubt Taylor is ever going to blossom into the skin-revealing exhibitionist type I see in my dreams, but, baby steps. I’ll take her cleavage and fill in the rest. Enjoy.

Check Out the Music Video Bad Blood »

Rosie Roff and Abigail Ratchford Cleavy Brunette Hosting Hotties at Argyle

My Pennsylvania Common Law wife Abigail Ratchford and her Britty brunette hot model friend Rosie Roff hosted a celebration of the Mexican victory over France at the Battle of La Puebla in the 19th century. Go figure. They brought along their sextastic cohort Jazelle Morales to complete the trio of busty alluring brunettes working their Hollywood hostess magic like no other.

Now, I could lament the fact that this was another happening hot girl party in my own town where I was suspiciously and quite hurtfully not invited. But since I happened to begin my Cinco de Mayo celebrations on Tres de Mayo and didn’t become conscious again until Siete de Mayo, I can only cry so much over spilled horchata. See how I did that? However, if the racktastic delights of Abigail, Rosie, and Jazelle ever get together again in their showy dresses with busty goodness and exclude me, I shall cry as a child who has lost his lollipop, because that’s pretty much a spot-on metaphor. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Twist Photo