Alyssa Milano Big Jugulars for Into The Woods

Alyssa Milano showed up mammaries intact and unpacked and on display big time for the premiere of Into the Woods, the new Disney musical based on the play that is based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, most of which because Hollywood hates new material, though, thankfully, Hollywood and Alyssa Milano still love showing off some stellar large funbags.

Alyssa has been making news lately posting breastfeeding pictures on social media to support breastfeeding I suppose, and maybe a tad bit to promote her own self. In either case, I’d say her child is the real winner if dining on those milky white multiple times a day. Alyssa is accentuating her positives to which I say, bravo to the left, and bravo to the right. This is how Disney movies become interesting. Enjoy.

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The Best of Busty and Booty, a Nicki Minaj Birthday Tribute

Lust her or despise her, turning thirty-two today Nicki Minaj is hard not to notice. Just something ever so subtle about her curves, tops and bottoms, forever hanging out of her form fitting and low cut, high cut clothing. Why not celebrate Nicki’s birthday with a sweet and sultry look down mammary lane at some of the best photos of her splendid curves. That was a rhetorical question.

The better parts of Nicki Minaj are so much better than cake. Though you may still blow out the candles if you happen to be alone and the lights are down. Happy Birthday, Nicki.

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Mariana Rodriguez Wicked Hot and Cleavy in Milan

Are you like me? Do you have a thing for hot Venezuelan models who wind up being even hotter actresses and models in Italy? Yep, I know, we should have a club name.

Mariana Rodriguez isn’t the first South American beauty queen to relocate to Italy for find fame and fortune in a sister tongue. Mmm, hang on, sister tongue. I meant Spanish to Italian. Much like her predecessors, Mariana is wickedly alluring and tan and lovely and Latina and forever flashing killer legs and lust inducing cleavage at sparkly events across the boot, including this red carpet function in Milan. The eyes of the Egotastic! radar are everywhere searching out the world’s more tingle producing celebrities. I feel like Magellan, with just the trade winds and a four hour boner to guide me by. Enjoy.

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Shay Mitchell, Charli XCX and More Hotties at the 2014 GQ Men Of The Year Party in Los Angeles

Once more, I’ve been snubbed by the GQ Man of the Year Award. I’m not even going to look who won. I’m sure it’s George Clooney or some civil rights leader or the Pope or Obama or somebody who really isn’t a horrible second place choice, but one of these years I would like to have my hard work recognized by more than my grade school alumni newsletter which calls me a ‘mildly successful purveyor of naughty things’. C’mon, GQ, this is why the magazine business is suffering.

Nevertheless, the periodical did manage to bring out hotties like Shay Mitchell, Charli XCX, and other young sextastic celebrities of distinction who think real men love articles on how best to blow dry your hair in low humidity conditions. I’d like to think when I finally get tapped for my award, 5,000 of the world’s most outrageously good looking women will attend and gang attack me with loofahs in an enormous bubble bath. In fact, I’m not even showing up to accept unless that part is somewhat guaranteed. I’m nobody’s second choice. Enjoy.

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Maitland Ward In A Pink Low Cut Dress Eating Ice Cream

Former child star and current sexy person Maitland Ward is always showing off her God given talents. By talents I am referring to her ginormous funbags. She decided to go get some ice cream at the Grove in LA while wearing a super tight low cut pink dress. Maitland licking an ice cream cone would be evocative and make one think of oral delights no matter what she was wearing. But the fact that there is some killer cleav action in that dress only makes the whole thing hotter. We’re used to seeing Maitland’s ta-tas half out of a see-through dress, so if you think about it, this outfit is pretty tame. You half expect her to eat ice cream in something through which you can see her lady parts. But it is late fall after all and you don’t want to catch a cold wearing something…err…drafty.

All I know is that Maitland’s chest puppies are the things dreams are made of. Whoever gets to handle those bad boys is one lucky bastard.

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Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Suki Waterhouse Nips and More Hotties at the British Fashion Awards 2014

I know, it’s hard to imagine anyone hold an important fashion event without me being in attendance to comment on the haute couture. I am after all ranked number 17 in the world by Uppity Fashion Critics magazine’s Top 100 Snooty Fashionistas. Something I’m both proud of and tremendously ashamed at the very same time. But the British Fashion Awards took place without me, but by way of far greater gets, they did have a gaggle of sextastic celebrities decked out in their finest in my stead.

Kendall Jenner looked quite desirable, as did young model Suki Waterhouse in a see-through top, Rihanna braless, and Rita Ora looking cleavetastic as usual, but never taken for granted. That right there was several eyefuls of hot lady boobtastic strutting the red carpet and making clothes be somewhat relevant on a woman for at least one London evening. Next year, I’ll expect a front row invitation, BFA’s. And, please, don’t hector me if you happen to notice I’m on my back on the runway with my camera facing up. It’s how I relax my tense back. Enjoy.

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Chrissy Teigen Boobs Braless and Bouncing Bare and There in the Big Apple

Chrissy Teigen definitely falls into our braless boobtastic brigade of sextastic celebrities these days who seem keen on keeping their bras buried deep in the drawers I tend to inspect when pretending I’m the exterminator. And she has the funbags to extol such a braless public virtue.

Spotted dangling her lovely ta-ta’s on the street of Manhattan, Chrissy was running to and fro in her low cut and commando top, ensuring that her Eurasian winter melons would be nearly bare for the cameras. Wow, that is one fashionable look I can definitely stand behind. Or in front of, whilst drooling. I’ll say this for Chrissy Teigen, she’s never ever boring. I have other things to say about her luscious teats but I’m writing that down in my personal journal of erotic sonnets. Enjoy.

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