Cleavage Posts:

Keri Russell Looking Incredibly Hot In Leather

The always lovely Keri Russell steamed up the red carpet at the Glamour 2014 Women Of The Year Awards in NYC in a seriously sexy leather outfit. She wore tight black leather pants like a friggin' 80's rock star chick and a red and black leather bustier top. The resulting cleavage was quite spectacular. I've been an admirer of Keri's boobage since back in her Felicity days. If I was forced to watch that show at least I got to ogle her ta-tas. 20 years later and Keri is still really sexy. I'm in no way some kind of leather fetishist but I will say that a woman wearing a tight leather outfit does get my pressure up. How could it not? I'd have to be dead not to get a special feeling in my bathing suit area.

That Americans show she's on is pretty good too. At least this time around it's a show I want to watch AND I get to ogle her. Win win.

Aubrey O’Day Wears A Revealing Dress To Her Album Release Party

Hottie McHottiepants Aubrey O'Day wore quite the provocative number to her album release party in LA. It was a dress with a see-through panel that showed off most of her funbags. You don't see nips but you see cleavage the likes of which you've never seen before. Aubrey has got a tremendous rack. She has the kind of boobage that could give a man a sprained wrist if he handled those puppies too much. Lately we've been seeing a lot of these transparent dresses on those of the hottness persuasion. I guess it's a way to technically be clothed while still kinda being naked at the same time. It's the best of both worlds. I for one hope this fashion trend continues for many years to come.

I don't really care that much what her album sounds like but I am looking forward to the first video. I imagine it will involve oil and partial nudity.

Kate Beckinsale Is White Hot At The Battersea Power Station Global Launch

The ever sexy Kate Beckinsale was looking cleavtacular at the Battersea Power Station global launch in LA. She wore a white dress that was cut very low. Very. The result was a plethora of boobage. If you think back to Kate's heyday in the 90's you'll recall that she has an extraordinary pair of knockers. 15 years later she is still looking incredibly hot. That's not an easy task. A lot of her fellow 90's stars haven't fared so well. I remember going to see her movies back in the day and liking the fact that I could ogle her even if it was some rom-com that I didn't like, or worse yet, Pearl Harbor. But that aside I'm glad to see that she's kept it tight all these years.

I do enjoy a woman that knows how to properly wield the cleav. She's brandishing her cleavage like a friggin' samurai.

Happy Early Birthday to a Cleavetastic Arianny Celeste

It's not even the birthday for the beautiful hot and stream Arianny Celeste for a couple more days, but that didn't stop her from ringing in her birthday at the Bank in Las Vegas over the weekend, looking like one million damn cleavetastic dollars. We're used to seeing Arianny in one of her skimpy ring girl outfits or a bikini, or even less in my nightly dreams, but the girls definitely dolls up nicely for special occasions, like hosting her own birthday at a club in Vegas. I can't believe I was stuck watching the mesmerizing Circus Circus show once again and missing out on Arianny's special evening.

Every girl deserves a birthday party, just that some girls deserve to have hundreds of people and cameras and people trying to hit on them all night offering up memorably birthday present scenarios. Arianny is just one of those girls. Arianny, I'm sending you my gift today. Please note the air holes in the package and the message imploring you to open immediately. I can only hold my breath for so long. I mean, it's a bowling ball. Happy Birthday! Enjoy.

Snooki and J-Woww Partied Up and Cleaved Out for Snooki’s Bachelorette in Miami

Now, I must admit, I thought Snooki was married a few years back, but it turns out she never did get married, just started making babies and perhaps working on her looks a little bit courtesy of the fine doctors in the 90210 business district. Nuptials definitely do require some kind of crazy bachelorette party, especially when being filmed for your reality show, so Snooki got a bunch of her old Jersey Shore girl pals together to hit up Miami and rage. Or just do some silly crap on camera.

Snooki and J-Woww and some of the other girls had their classic cleavage on display for the wild hen party antics. I'm sure when the show comes out you'll see a little more of the wild stripper party play and cut aways of the girls discussing how crazy the party got. As for me, I'm content with a little ogle and a wish for Snooki the best of luck in the next one to two years of marriage. Enjoy.

Salma Hayek Cleavetastic All Wet and Wanton on Set in Los Angeles

I'm not sure what Salma Hayek was shooting in Los Angeles with her sweet notorious funbags almost falling out of her top, I just know I'm ready to buy it. Movie, TV, commercial for urinary tract infections. I'm on it for five dozen on pre-order. The smoking hot Latina was all wet and low cut dress in the bathtub looking as she fumbled to keep her ta-ta's from falling out of her dress top. Oh, that she could have just let that one, or two, go. The glory we'd be seeing this morning.

I'm not sure how Salma Hayek keeps on keeping on so damn hot year after year. I suppose it's something billionaire husbands do tend to look for in a spouse. The same with broke gentleman oglers. Veteran hotties who seem to be getting more alluring and bustier by the day. Oh, Salma, come jump in my pool in a low cut dress. It's an inflatable so you technically have to jump up and into the pool, but I'll fill it with Evian just for you. Mi amor. Enjoy.

Naya Rivera Flashes Legs And Cleavage At The UNICEF Masquerade Ball

Glee star and lovely Latina Naya Rivera was all boobies and legs at the UNICEF masquerade ball. Naya wore a slinky black dress that was low cut and high cut at the same time. The low cut showed off those gorgeous knockers that have entertained millions for the past few years. I know that I am a big fan and they are pretty much the only reason I watched Glee ever. The high cut is the massive slit up the side that ran all the way to her hip. Needless to say you got to see a lot of leg. Naya has got some pretty spectacular stems. They are long and lean from all that dancing she has to do on that show. You can also see all of her back. Basically, you can see a lot of skin all over.

Naya is one sexy lady and my kinda woman. She gets my Latin blood boiling with her muy calienteness.