Alexis Ren Cleavy Blonde Hotness for Tobi

Young hot model Alexis Ren is my spirit animal. Or I’d like het to be. Oh, how I’d groom her ever so nicely thrice daily. The outstandingly hot blonde is now modeling up a storm, currently in this simple but simply sextastic catalogue shoot for Tobi. I have no idea what Tobi is, but if it’s a dude with a belly and bad facial hair pulling a ruse to get Alexis Ren into various outfits, I applaud him.

Sometimes, you meet a woman and you just know you were meant to be together. This happens to me quite a bit. One day, I wish it woud happen to the woman as well. But, for now, I sit, I watch, I smile. Ogling never costs a dime and it’s the greatest treat you can buy yourself. Well, that touching part is nice too, but you know, the digital age being what it is, this is a mini slice of heaven. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Tobi Collection

Nikki Lund Cleavetastic Asstastic Yoga Time In the Park

Nikki Lund seems to know her yoga. I’ve been peeping on her for the past twenty minutes and I have nary a criticism on her execution of the ancient Indian arts. Flexible, stretching, boobtastic workout. I believe that’s exactly how the ancient texts meant it to be.

While we’re used to seeing the workout girls invading the beached and parks around Miami building their butts and toning their lady bikini bodies, it’s nice to see somebody representing West Coast by way of a good bit of public park workout exhibitionism. Nikki Lund certainly has the body to represent. All kinds of curves. You throw in some tantric stretches and you have the makings of a must-see matinee. Am I jealous of that dog she’s pawing? Yes, but you already knew that. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Charlotte McKinney Big Busty Swimsuit Boobtastic, Oh My

Charlotte McKinney is rocketing to sextastic stardom about as fast as any woman can with the jugs of bodaciousness fronting her fine female form. While we’ve been tracking Charlotte on our hottie radar for a while now, it’s only really been since this year’s Super Bowl that the world has known of her visual wonderment existence. Four short months ago. And now she and her ripe melons are just about everywhere. What a lovely turn of events.

Charlotte and her tingle inducing chestal goodness are on epic display in Vanity Fair this month, because, well, because they sell copies. They sell everything in fact. Mostly they sell Charlotte as a legitimate contender to the blonde bombshell throne. So many seek it, only one can occupy it at any given time. Or, you know, Charlotte, you could always sit on my lap. Think of me as Santa, but with a sordid past of indecency so like a mall Santa. I’m so in lust with Charlotte, I feel a song coming on. Also, the PIN number to my bank account. Such is the power of the swollen goodness. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

Mariah Carey Flashes Panties During Vegas Performance

Oh, Mariah, you minx. As you might imagine, despite being a mom in her 40′s, the Mariah Carey show in Vegas centers heavily around the exhibitionist and naughty curvy shapes Mariah brings to bear, or is that bare? Her stage show along with her songs involves a revealing boobtastic and leggy set of dresses that provide ample skin views for the men in the audience goaded to attend. And on this occasion, a sweet flashing of her panties beneath her dress to those fortunate enough to be in the front rows. This is why you buy VIP seats when you truly care to catch the entire show.

I’m not sure I’d ever see a Mariah Carey show in Vegas. I place a much greater important on my time available to lose everything I have at the tables. Now, if the show were called Mariah Flashes Panties and Yum Yums, I certainly would be tempted. Especially if they comped me tickets because they just felt bad seeing me crying once more on the casino floor. It’s always good for a little something. It helps if you’re a grown man who can work up real tears. Nice work, Mariah.Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash/FameFlynet

Beyonce Plunging Cleavage And Faptastic Booty Cheeks, It’s All Working

Beyonce had quite the weekend with the Met Gala as the centerpiece of her asstastic shows in various stages of revealing wardrobe over the weekend. Whatever the paparazzi didn’t capture she managed to take on her own to share with her adoring public. Hey, without egos there is no egotastic.

And, what’s not to like. Motherhood and a couple years has treated Beyonce quite well. That hot curvy mom body is definitely in prime form. I can’t remember her ever looking better. I’d hate to think rumors of her marriage on the rocks were any bit true, except for the part where I become her rebound fling she greatly regrets by way of mention in her next bio documentary. I want to be that regret, if it means a couple weeks caressing every wonderful curve. She has a bunch. And she looks fantastic. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Beyonce


Megan Fox Cleavetastic Tank Top Standard Uniform on Set of TMNT 2

As if there was going to be a Michael Bay produced film that didn’t feature the lovely racktastic of Megan Fox. Not going to happen. Accentuate the positive, and all that sage advice.

From my review of the TMNT 2 filming to date, you can anticipate a healthy heaping of Foxy in tank tops and schoolgirls outfits and other various alluring wardrobe to help you forget you’re watching a movie with four dudes in plastic turtle outfits high fiving each other. It’ll probably work too. I’m not just a movie fan, I’m a sucker for anything Megan Fox in a tank top. I’d watch C-SPAN if she hosted it in something low cut. Foxy makes everything better, with this craptastic film series perhaps being the ultimate test of that theory. So far, I’m heavily on the buy side. She just has that special thing going on that make men do unwise things. Meh, ten bucks, could be worse. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Arianny Celeste Chesty Host Of Cinco De Mayo Celebration In Las Vegas

UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste was muy caliente as the host of a Cinco de Mayo celebration in Las Vegas. She was wearing a dress with a plunging neckline that gave her some cleav for the ages. Arianny has got a truly killer pair of funbags. Like, the kind that probably cause back pain due to their enormity. She also forgot to wear a bra, which is a-ok in my book. Arianny has been all over the place lately doing modeling gigs and dating drummer Travis Barker. He is one lucky SOB, I can tell you that right now. Anybody who gets free access to those sweater puppies has been blessed by the gods.

I wish I had gotten an invite to this party. What better way to celebrate the Mexican’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla than to drink and ogle those melones deliciosos?

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI