bare-midriff Posts:

Alessandra Ambrosio Bares Midriff At Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch

The always sexy Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood with her bare-midriff on display for all the boys and girls. Because Alessandra is pretty much perfect in every single way, her stomach is also a masterpiece. It is flat, toned, and tight. Any day in which I get to see some Alessandra Ambrosio skin is a good one. Of all the myriad models that come across my desk here at Egotastic, I have to say that she is my favorite. She's just so fre-a-kin' hot. I often wonder if I had the opportunity to lay with someone as hot as Alessandra how I would perform. Chances are it wouldn't last long. I don't imagine any guy could go the distance with Alessandra. That's sad for her but pretty awesome for whatever lucky bastard gets to touch her jubblies.

I wonder what she's going to go as for Halloween? Hopefully, she'll opt to do one of those costumes where you just dress in underwear and a pair of animal ears.

Ariana Grande Looking Hot In London

Ariana Grande was looking seriously sexy after leaving a visit to BBC 1 radio in London. She was wearing a black crop top with a deep plunging neckline. There was cleave for all, my friends. Ariana has a nice pair of lady plums that I would personally like to check for ripeness, if you get my meaning. Her bare mid-riff was also exposed and it was a sight to see. She's got a nice tight stomach with a lot of tone to it. It's a delight. I think Ariana is seriously hot. She's genuinely pretty in a girl next door kind of way. That is, if you live net door to a family of really good looking people.

They say that she's a bit of a diva but if you look like that you can get away with those kinds of shenanigans. Lord knows I would gladly go get her a double mocha non-fat cappuccino whenever she wanted one.


Vanessa Hudgens, Gigi Hadid, And More Hotties At Knott’s Scary Farm Opening In California

A veritable bevy of hotness was on hand to celebrate the opening of Knott's Scary Farm in California. Vanessa Hudgens was there in what looks to be a black silk nighty. I guess she wanted to go directly to bed afterwards and looks sexy as F while doing so. Gigi Hadid came baring mid-riff in a crop top shirt. In fact, many of the ladies were showing abdomen skin that night. Sadie Calvano certainly did in her short black shirt. Ditto with Peyton List's revealing black and white striped bare belly extravaganza. Ireland Baldwin brought a shirt that showed off a little bit of her black lacey bra. And Cassie Scerbo had on a pair of black shiny short shorts that displayed her long beautiful legs. It was less a night of frights and more of a steamy sexy plethora of hotness.

I think the girls were dressing up like the girls from horror movies that the killer always goes after. They are usually sexy and scantily clad.

Jessica Alba Wears a White Bra Top Out in West Hollywood

I'm no fashionista, but it seems to me like Jessica Alba forgot to wear a shirt. She was spotted out and about in West Hollywood  wearing what looked a lot like a white sportsbra. Jess has what I call "Goldilocks Funbags". They aren't too big or too small but just right and they look delectable in this white bra thing. Because her shirt is missing you also get a peek at that lovely bare-midriff of her's. She's in really great shape and her stomach is nice and tight and toned. I don't know how these hot people manage to never have a stretch mark or dimple on their bodies. I guess when it's you job to be hot you concentrate on preventing all of that from occurring at all costs. Whatever she does to keep fit it's working.

I hope that her pioneering work in only wearing a bra out in public is emulated by other hottie mchottipants ladies. She deserves the Nobel prize in sexiness.

Vanessa Hudgens Bares Midriff in Crotch Hugging Stretchies

Sometimes, I giggle to myself when I see Vanessa Hudgens leaving her workout places and raising her arms to cover her face while exposing her taut, worked out, super fine body. I don't giggle too much to myself as they do use that as an excuse still to commit me for 72 hours. I yearn to be free and discuss the hotness that is Vanessa Hudgens, her implied modesty, and naturally her perhaps less than modest selfies that were leaked out recently which I can't really speak of, but... yep, I'm giggling to myself again. Vanessa has one wicked hot body, clothed, unclothed, or in the middling stages like this half shirt and stretch pants hugging every blessed inch of her fine female form, lady nest included.

I'm not exactly sure what Vanessa hopes to gain by covering her face partially and showing off her tremendously fine midriff. Though I may just have answered my own question. If I looked at hot as Vanessa, I'd flaunt the shizz out of my appearance every where I went. Actually, if I looked like Vanessa I'd be locked 24 hours a day in my bubble bath with my ceiling mirror and toys, but, theoretically, I'd certainly not be hiding my pretty face in public. But, to each their own. Provided we get to ogle, I'm all good with Vanessa's right to want to have a purse in front of her face. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Leggy Wearing Short Denim Shorts In NYC

Ah,  Irina Shayk. Is there a better pair of legs out there in the sexy leggasphere? Only Taylor Swift comes close to rivaling the sheer shapely hottness of Irina's stems. She showed off her perfect set in a pair of short shorts in the West Village in New York City. The last hot days of summer are winding down here in New York and soon the hotties will be storing their legs for winter. So, we must enjoy them while we can. As if Irina's legs aren't enough of a treat, she also exposed her tight tummy in a bare-midriff shirt. She's also got one of the best stomachs out there. If you disagree you are, quite simply, wrong. I will go so far as to say that I will fight to defend the hottness of her tight, toned abs against all naysery. Yes, I know that isn't a word but that's how strongly I feel about it.

I've got to start migrating to warmer climates in the winter to follow the hottness. I'd be kind of like a duck, only I would travel thousands of miles to ogle sexy ladies. Worth it.

Cara Santana Shows Off Her Abs

The lovely Cara Santana showed off her amazing abs in a sports bra in LA. She was leaving the gym wearing a pair of workout pants that were so tight that they look like they were painted on. They did a good job of displaying her shapely booty. As a top she chose to go with just a sports bra. The result was a glimpse at her incredibly toned stomach. Who can blame her for showing it off, it's friggin' perfect. If I had abs like that I'd walk around topless all the time. The sports bra also framed her perfectly pert ta-tas in a great way. I first became aware of Cara when I was forced to watch one of the Beverly Hills Chihuahua movies by my mom. While I did not enjoy the film about talking rat dogs, I did like seeing Cara. I remember thinking, "Wow, that girl is super hot to be in this movie".

It almost made watching that movie worth it. Almost.