Miley Cyrus In Sports Bra And Spandex Flashing Her Toned Single Lady Abs

Miley Cyrus is single and ready to mingle. Or at least hike and show off her toned body in a sports bra and Spandex. That’s the modern day equivalent of going to a cocktail mixer. Probably healthier really is you think about the exercise. Certainly healthier for us gentleman oglers who get a chance to peep her toned bare midriff and see her petite body in physical action.

It was just this week Miley announced she and Arnie’s son were taking a break because that sounds better than breaking up. I can’t imagine being the significant other of either of these two celebrities and celebrity kids is any walk in the park. Let alone a hike in tight Spandex and bra tops. But, I digress, and now return simply to inelegant leering. My specialty and primary form of exercise. Miley, you won’t stay single long. Try to revel in your independence. And perhaps some more nudes would be a good start. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Miley Cyrus Pink Sports Bra Goes for a Hike

If you ever come to Los Angeles, you’re going to want to amble up Runyon Canyon in Hollywood. It’s where many celebrities take their urban hikes to the limits with a not so spectacular bit of ascent that is ‘L.A. big’ at least. It’s also where many of them take their dogs to poop, so be advised not to wear your new white sneaks. As for me, I’m content to remain at basecamp just watching. Somebody needs to guard the supplies. I’ve limited shrinkage on the beer and chips to twenty-percent.

It’s the place to bring a camera and snap photos of Miley Cyrus in a bright pink sports bra traversing the not so steep hiking paths up the hill, keeping herself in just about the best shape you can when you’re into some hardcore partying, drinking, and smoking. It’s called your early 20′s. One hike a week usually will serve the purpose of cleansing the toxins. Especially when sporting a bright pink sports bra and flashing your midriff. That makes everything better. Enjoy.

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Bridgit Mendler Bare Midriff, Sweet Rack, and So Much Potential for Bello

So many Disney starlets all grown up these days and so little time. We don’t see a lot of Bridgit Mendler in the show off category. The young twenty-something Disney TV alum and now, naturally, a recording artist, keeps pretty demure compared to her counterparts such as Bella and Miley. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t an A-plus in the hot looks department. That’s how I’d grade her at least, especially with all those extra-credit assignments we work on after class. That seems so wrong, but feels so right.

Bridgit’s got herself a nice little pictorial in this month’s Bello magazine. Nothing super racy, but certainly evocative of her tremendous potential for exhibitionist growth. What lies beneath is more than a treasure, it’s a kingdom. At least, in terms of what you might trade for the rights. Really such an alluring young woman. Let us light the proverbial Egotastic! candle, hold hands across the globe, and not so patiently wait for the good stuff. Bridgit, together, we can. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Bello Magazine

More Britney Spears Bare Midriff Music Video Hotness

Hall of fame hottie Britney Spears showed off that legendary bare mid-riff on the shoot of her latest video with Iggy Azalea. I remember back through the mists of time to a magical time known as the 90′s when Britney’s bare mid-riff was everywhere. It seemed like she didn’t own a full shirt. Between the copious cleavage and tummy showing, she must have saved a fortune on fabric. Then came the dark times in which her mid-riff was hidden from view. Luckily, the tide has turned the other way and not only is she showing off her stomach but it’s looking really nice. Plus, there is always those magical funbags of hers that are also prominently on display.

I can’t wait to see this video. Not only is Britney in her old form but Iggy is looking fine too. It’s all about Britney’s tummy and boobs and Iggy’s butt. You know, the way God intended.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Nicole Murphy Flashes Bare Midriff While Out In Beverly Hills

Sexy vixen Nicole Murphy showed off her perfectly muscular bare mid-riff during a recent shopping trip in Beverly Hills. Eddie Murphy was a damn fool for letting this woman go. She has got the whole package and then some. Her abdomen is tight and toned. She must work out all the friggin’ time. I also appreciate how tight her shirt is because she’s got a breathtaking pair of knockers. They are seriously my favorite size, I can tell. I like boobs that size so much I married a girl that sports them. As if all of that wasn’t enough, Nicole was also sporting a pair of pants that hugged every nook and cranny of her shapely booty and thigh. There is also just a hint of camel toe, which is a good thing. A very good thing.

Seriously, why would Eddie divorce her? I mean, I know he got caught cheating with Scary Spicy or whatever but still. I don’t get the choices he makes anymore. He went from Trading Places to that crappy A Thousand Words movie. Get it together, Eddie.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Britney Spears Bare Midriff And Iggy Azalea Booty While Shooting A New Music Video

Pop divas Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea were looking hot and 90′s in their new music video. It makes sense seeing as Britney’s glory days were the 90′s. But she’s still looking super hot. Brit had her mid-riff bared just like it was 1996 and it still looks amazing. It’s easily one of Brit’s most iconic attributes. Speaking of prominent attributes, Iggy’s booty was looking slammin’, to use a 90′s slang term. I know that people foam over Kim K’s booty, and don’t get me wrong it is amazing, but I got to say that I am a bigger fan of Iggy Azalea’s thumper. Just look at it! It’s hypnotic. Lucky for us, she knows it is amazing and she likes to show it off. And why shouldn’t she?

Isn’t that what feminism fought for? To have the right to show off your booty? Am I wrong? I didn’t think so.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Kendall Jenner Sports Sports Bra For Hiking Cleavetastic

Kendall Jenner has a rep now . I mean, a public rep for being a showy model. This is a good thing. Even when she heads out for a weekend hike in Malibu, she can’t go in some sloppy outfit. She needs Spandex bottoms and a cleavetastic sports bra to show off her million dollar body. Might be two million since last we spoke given her demand on the top fashion runways of the world.

There’s something to be said for peer pressure. When it gets our loveliest of young ladies into showing off skin in the great outdoors, it can only be seen as socially positive. At least from this ogler’s perspective. Kendall Jenner has one sweet alluring statuesque figure. It’s her thing. Her big thing. Why would you ever want to hide that? That’s rhetorical, please don’t, Kendall. Lose the top next time and we can be best friends. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet