Kate Hudson Booty Shorts For Shape Magazine

Famous hot person Kate Hudson was looking particularly striking in a pair of short shorts for Shape Magazine. And speaking of shape, she’s in incredible…er…shape. Her legs are long, lean, and nicely shaped. I wouldn’t mind having those bad boys wrapped around me on a cold evening. But what’s really redonkulous in her abdomen. She’s got a full on six pack and is seriously cut at the hips. I’m always impressed by anyone, especially a woman, who can manage a six pack, (as opposed to my 24 pack). She must work out all the time to keep it tight and may I say that I for one appreciate it. I would give her the most exciting three minutes of her life.

But I digress.  She looks a lot like her mom Goldie Hawn. Have you ever seen young Goldie on Laugh-In reruns in that bikini? I would sock it to her.

Photo Credit: Shape Magazine

Karrueche Tran Tight Abs and Model Cleave for Fashion Week Exhibition

I can say two things for model Karrueche Tran. She has horrible taste in boyfriends but one ridiculously hot tight body. I guess two for two would be asking for too much and if I had to choose myself, I’d opt for her to continue with the outrageous show off body and the bad boyfriends. I don’t need her dating a sweet accountant and looking less exquisite. I’ll take this fine female form any day.

Like all other women of the sextastic origin, Karrueche has been hanging out at New York Fashion Week the past several days exhibiting her own hotness and golf clapping for wardrobes that 99% of the human world will never ever wear. It all makes sense if you just stare into her taut abs and dream a little dream. Oh, the little dream I’m having. Please don’t pinch me. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Recently Engaged Lady Gaga Hides Ring Finger While Flashing Midriff At LAX

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Kate Hudson Sports Bra and Tights Flashing Taut Bellies With Her Girl Friends Pimping Fabletics

If you’re really honest in your thinking, you’ll admit that what this world needs now more than anything is another line of women’s gym workout and juice bar gear. So the benevolent and hot slender Kate Hudson designed one of her own. Oh, sure, it looks exactly like all the others, but it’s Kate’s and it’s called Fabletics, and she’s modeling her bare midriff wares along with her friends Sara and Erin Foster, childhood pals and daughters of music producer David Foster. So, who’s complaining?

This is the kind of simple, but pricey gear that you can only get away with wearing if you’re truly hitting the Pilates daily. You can’t hide any cheesecake in these sports bras and gym pants. Though if you could, how awesome of a find would that be on a third date. Taut bodies in sports bras and workout bottoms, flat tummies shining in the sun. It’s inspiring me to either go workout hard for an hour or take a nap and dream of Kate directing me to help the Foster sisters change into their next set of Fabletics. Both would be good for me. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Victoria Justice Flashes Bare Midriff Because Music Cares

I still hold out hope, among other things, for Victoria Justice. So much good looks packed into one tight little brunette body that she still keeps ever so restrained from exhibitionism. But when the young 20-something starlet gets dolled up for big occasions like the Music Cares event in Hollywood, wow, damn, and a few other choice words. This is one particularly good looking nut, if you will, that remain to be cracked.

It’s been several years now of waiting for Victoria Justice to release the beast, the inner sextastic well all know can be restrained perhaps, but never diminished. Eventually, that bad boy, err, bad girl, is coming out. And you can bet I will be there when it does. With open eyes, open arms, and probably an open checkbook. The Boy Scouts taught me to be prepared. Also, how to kill a man without leaving evidence. Our troop leader was a special man. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Getty

Kendall Jenner Braless And Gigi Hadid See Through Booty For Vogue

I’m not one to tell photographers how to conduct their photoshoots. Especially a pro like Mario Testino shooting for Vogue. He knows exactly what to do when he’s given two young hot big time models to shoot in Venice Beach. Hmm, can’t be too obvious here. How about you, Kendall Jenner, you come out in a cropped sweater and no bra, showing off your tight yummy midriff and the outline of your alluring melons. Gigi Hadid, you come out in a dress that looks innocent enough, but is quite see-through on the bottom showing off your panties and bare sweet cheeks. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Oh, to be a fashion photographer of the most sextastic and passion inducing young ladies on the planet. I’d give up both this job and my car wash detailing gig for such a vocation. The earthly pleasures on set of such shoots would be almost too much for me. I wonder if anybody would notice that my hands were constantly shaking and my camera bag was placed discreetly over my mid-to-low-section. Perhaps, but I’d be in charge so I’d just smile and order less clothing on the models! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Brooke Burke Shows Off Her Bare Midriff In Malibu

The eternally lovely Brooke Burke was looking her usual hot MILF self on her way to work out in Malibu. She was wearing a sports bra and tight workout pants. First of all, her boobage looks amazing. She’s got some pretty bangin’ cleavage, as no one says anymore. I’m not sure how she stayed up doing Dancing With The Stars with those sweater hams pulling her down to Earth. But it is perhaps in the area of her bare mid-riff that we truly see her best asset. You could do laundry on those washboard abs. She’s in really good shape. Maybe ballroom dancing is really good exercise. I would try it myself to shed a few pounds except for the fact that I am physically incapable of dancing and not looking like a huge moron.

What I do know is that Brooke and her abs makes me want be a better person, or at the very least stare at the for half an hour.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet