Sophia Bush Cleavy Crop Top For Boobtastic Party Winning

I did not want to merely forget about how amazing Sophia Bush looked at the SAG Awards pre-party because I can’t shake it from my mind, I’m madly in lust with Sophia Bush, and I’d like to think she feels the same way about me. Two of those three things are likely true.

The magically underrated hotness and cleavy goodness of Sophia Bush absolutely stole the party dedicated to actors talking to other actors about how tough, but ever amazing, it is to be an actor. Baring your soul for the camera, that’s no easy task. Nor quite as productive from our perspective as baring your amazing funbags. Sophia, let’s get into some really exposing roles. I’ll bring the camera. Enjoy.

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Amanda Cerny Bares Midriff While Shooting An Editorial For 138 Water In LA

Professional hot person Amanda Cerny showed off her tight stomach during a shoot for sexy lady employer 138 Water. We cover a lot of bare mid-riffs here at Egotastic but Amanda’s belly is something special. She’s got a nice thin hourglass figure and the shape of her abdomen is amazeballs. Add to that the fact that it is incredibly well toned and muscular and you’ve got the makings of a sexy pic. She’s also sporting what looks like leather pants. Is there anything sexier than a woman in leather pants? Only a leather miniskirt comes close. If you must be fully dressed it is the best choice for being fully covered but still get men’s pressure up.

This is a lot of clothes for a 138 Water shoot though. Usually the girl has on a thong bikini and that’s it. I hope they aren’t changing editorial styles.

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Aubrey Plaza Raunchy Spread Eagle and Bootylicious Filming Dirty Grandpa

I don’t know what this movie Dirty Grandpa is all about. But I’m already into it. Aubrey Plaza, one of my not so secret lust crushes playing a naughty vixen with asstastic cheeks peeking out of her short shorts and cleavage out of her top. I’m in, all in. Buying my tickets now. If she takes off those clothes, I’m buying out the whole theater.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a dream, but Aubrey Plaza inspired fantasies should not know any limits. Why censor yourself in dreaming of the underrated brunette falling right out of her showy clothes. These kinds of on-set candids don’t particularly lessen the intensity. If anything, allow them to be your Muse. Maybe you don’t come up with poetry, but however you wish to express yourself is healthy. Just, you know, close the door and make sure the kids are at school. Enjoy.

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Miley Cyrus Braless While Exposing Midriff In Marijuana Shirt

Ah, Miley Cyrus. She’s everyone’s favorite rascally scamp that you’d also like to give it to. Every day I wake up and wonder what new sexy antics she’ll have gotten herself into and she rarely disappoints. In today’s wacky Miley outfit we have her wearing a crop top marijuana t-shirt and, whoopsie, she forgot to wear a bra. The result is that you can kinda see her lovely nips through the shirt. I do so love Miley’s lady plums. Lucky for me that I get to see them pretty regularly. The crop top also showed off her lovely bare mid-riff. She’s got one of the best in the business. It’s nice and flat and toned with not a bit of jiggly flesh to be had.

Some people think that Miley is overexposed, and maybe she is, but I still enjoy seeing her partially nude. I mean, I could care less about her music, but I’ve yet to grow tired of her literally exposing herself.

Photo Credit: INF/FameFlynet

Kendall Jenner Sports Some Tights And Bares Midriff In Beverly Hills

Ah, Kendall Jenner. You who are my favorite scion of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, you never cease to amaze. The lovely Kendall was looking particularly sexy in a crop top shirt and tights while on her way to a lunch date in Beverly Hills. Sure, Kendall’s booty is not of the magnitude of Kim or Khloe’s but I think it’s perfection. It’s like the booty that Goldilocks would have chosen, not too big and not too small. But there is no question that she beats all of her sisters hands down when it comes to who has the best belly. Kendall’s bare mid-riff is a thing of beauty. It’s flat and tight and only accentuates her fine curves. That’s what I like about Kendall. She’s thin but still has curves in the right places.

I had a rather graphic dream about Kendall the other night. It’s one of the hazards of this job that all of these fine women start to live in your subconsciousness. That’s why I’m the luckiest boy in the world.

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Victoria Justice Bare Midriff Hotness for Seventeen Magazine

Victoria Justice is one of those sextastic celebrities we’ve been following for so long now, and hoping for so long now, and just continues to frustrate us to no end. The good girl gone good girl. She just doesn’t seem like she wants to let her inner hotness out to play. She’s certainly got a ton of it, as evidenced in this pictorial for the upcoming edition of Seventeen magazine where the alluring brunette flashing some midriff and a bra top and gets us about half way to Nirvana. But the other half? Victoria, we need the other half.

I suppose I’m somewhat perplexed by way of experience. There’s nary been a teen TV starlet who hasn’t grown into the show off stage at some point. Really, it’s hard to name more than a rare couple. Victoria Justice seems fully content to remain the PG bridesmaid. Which is fine with me if it’s fine with her. Okay, I lied. I’m not fine with it at all. Victoria, show us some scrumptious! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Seventeen Magazine

Kylie Jenner Flashes Midriff in the Freezing Cold for a Note on 2015

Kylie Jenner shops for groceries just like the rest of us. Well, not exactly like the rest of us. For one, it’s for show. For two, the show includes some bare midriff on the coldest recorded day in Los Angeles since they started keeping records, which I think was like 2008 or something. I’m not sure. Either way, it’s nice to see Kylie following in the showy footsteps of her older sisters, even on a frigid day.

This may be just about the least amount of skin we’ve ever shown on Egotastic, but it’s a nice end of the year salute to a celebrity we expect to see much more of in 2015. Especially as she turns barely legal. I’m not one for bold predictions on the future, but I’ll go ahead and say we see Kylie’s funbags by this time next year. There, now you have a reason to make that New Year’s resolution to get fit. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI/FameFlynet