Taylor Swift Bare Midriff Hotness in a Cut-Out Dress at Z100′s Jingle Ball

Taylor Swift really is getting better looking. Not that my belusted, albeit perhaps difficult girlfriend not girlfriend was ever not pretty, but something is coming with maturity and work outs and just wanting to show off more that is causing the tall Taylor to reach new heights on my tingle meter. Yes, I have a tingle meter. I got it for Christmas 2011. Still works great though killer on the batteries.

Taylor showed off on the red carpet of the Z100 Radio Jingle Ball turn over the weekend. She performed later on and I’m sure her music was sufficiently moving, but it was her cut-out dress on the carpet that caused me to start foaming slightly, but noticeably, at the mouth. She is a looker. I’m aware of her reputation for writing not so complimentary songs about her exes, but I could easily live with ‘He boinked me 100 times then ditched me because he couldn’t handle the real me’ as the veiled line casting shade on me. Sacrifices must be made. Enjoy.

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Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner Double Down Buxom Pimping Sisters

There is no job too small for a Kardashian, just small boobs. Wait, that doesn’t make any sense. Kim Kardashian was on hand and flashing her ample healthy wholesome cleavage deep and wide for her little sister’s pimping of the fake hair efforts in Beverly Hills. Just seventeen yet, and such an innocent young lass, we probably shouldn’t comment on Kylie Jenner and her rather bosomy showoff outfit designed to sell more faux blue hair to girls who want to look like 80′s drunk female rock stars I suppose. What do I know of fashion and style? If it’s not at Target, it’s all haute couture to me.

It’s nice to see the family working together for the common good of making even more money. The hawking of product is the communal moment for Kardashian girls to ignore their spats and differences and work together for the family business. It’s kind of Americana beautiful. I’m referring mostly to the funbags now. Enjoy.

Padma Lakshmi Sports Bra Can’t Contain Her Nipples Or My Excitement

Now you know I am in faptastic lust with Indian cooking hottie Padma Lakshmi and her veteran MILFtastic female form. We rarely get to see Padam unmade up for television or some fancy event, so I counted my lucky stars when Padma went to hit the gym in her sports bra and stretch pants on the streets of Manhattan. Oh, even Padma’s headlights were blinking strongly at the thought of being snapped in the daylight by the surrounding paparazzi.

Padma doesn’t seem to be aging in the least, just getting more alluring with each passing day. I would so love if she would engage in some hot mom racy photoshoots, but perhaps her modesty leaves us with just these wonderful bits of visual wonderments. A hot mom with nipple poking sports bra, a sweet tummy, and some stretch pants covered legs headed for some sweaty workout. Yep, that’s enough for me. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Bare Midriff In Sweats for Our Post-Coital Dress Down Times

Look, there are going to be times when Ariana Grande isn’t all dolled up and concert ready. Down times like in between gigs, after photoshoots, or when mopping up the exhaustive sweat of our four to five minutes of passionate man-woman embraces when she’s just going to be in sweats and a bare midriff tank top. It’s nice to know my little virtual minx can carry this look off with sextastic ease as well.

Ariana Grande really has invaded my libidinal grey matter something fierce of late. She’s not nearly as obvious as say a Miley or Nicki, but she’s managed to still be a big time curvy body revealer letting her legs and starting to reveal killer cleave and booty upskirts do the talking. Depending on my mood, I kind of like the sneak attack type tingling of the bobos. Ariana, you vex me. If you felt half as strongly about me as I do about you, we’d be doing naughty things on top of a tall building right now. Enjoy.

Sarah Hyland Now a Blonde Hollywood Minx

After finally removing her weak stalker boyfriend from her life, here’s to hoping Modern Family sextastic minx Sarah Hyland evolves into the grown up sextastic woman that I have envisioned many times in my night sleep. A little blonde experiment for some nightclub hopping in Hollywood couldn’t hurt. No, it couldn’t hurt a bit.

Sarah was fairly easy to spot in her tight jeans and colored locks leaving the Warwick Night Club, trying to avoid the paparazzi without much success. Sarah doesn’t go for much elaborate wardrobe, just some basic things to remind you that you wish she were you girlfriend. I’ve wanted her to hold that title since we saw her munching on Chick-Fil-A. Oh, dream girl. Blonde or brunette, I care not. Let’s eat some grubby chicken sandwiches and make sweet love in the special sauce. I dare to believe. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Camel Toe Shuts Down Hollywood Boulevard

Taylor Swift had a very big stage to fill. All of Hollywood Boulevard which was blocked off in front of the Jimmy Kimmel show for a much promoted musical performance from the leggy pop star. She did not disappoint in the exhibition department, at least for Taylor Swift, with some long legs, bare midriff, bra top, and some quite lovely narrow camel toe on display for the audience. You can’t wear that kind of get up on national television without working out most every nook and cranny of your female form, including that lady cleft.

I’m not sure Taylor intended to show off quite as much as she did, but I’m going to have a little happy cry regardless. Taylor never slips up when it comes to wardrobe, so we take our Swift peeks where and whenever we can get them. I’d call this memorable. In fact, my libido is filing it away now under T.Swift happy parts. Not so random accessed memory. Thank you, Taylor Swift. Enjoy.

Paris Hilton Bare Midriff Happy Walk in Manhattan

As always these days, I must begrudgingly mention that Billionaire Barbie continues to delight in being who she is more than just about anybody else in this world. Talk about being comfortable in your own skin. This bumbling blonde heiress loves being a bumbling blonde heiress. There’s something actual noble in that if you dig deep enough, as Paris does each morning in her extensive closets to find just the right silly designer outfit for her Barbie adventures.

Paris keeps herself in tip top photographic shape through all the seasons. Not every rich girl can get away with bare midriff looking so fit 365 days a year. But she does. She keeps at it, being the best walking recreational doll she can be. It’s admirable. And I’m looking. And I’m wondering when Ken’s going to pop by in his Lambo and pick her up for a swank date on his yacht. She’s living the dream. Actually, really, a dream. Good for her. Enjoy.