Bella Hadid Crop Top in Paris

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aldo-vallon - June 26, 2018

Bella Hadid should look into transitioning into acting, because from the way she is able to look like she is actually enjoying interacting with her fans makes me think she might have some natural talent. Now, I know she has been featured in music videos before, but I hardly think that counts. A three minute montage can hardly be considered acting. That is more like modeling with a better soundtrack, and even that last part is not a guarantee.

With the shit music that is getting funding I would say the odds are actually stacked against it for being good. But if I was given the opportunity to look sexy and get paid for it I wouldn’t care if they played Katy Perry the whole time. Hell, I would be satisfied to just have the opportunity to look sexy without being paid. At this point that would be a welcome change, but unless receding hairlines and potbellies come into vogue I think I am shit out of luck. But hey, if waifs had their shot then maybe I will as well. Every dog has his day, as they say. Maybe I would be the star of the Baha Boys comeback track.




Photo Credit: Splash News