Emily Ratajkowski Goes Blousy Business Casual to Walk Her Dog

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Mitch Jablonski - June 5, 2019

Walking the dog is the sort of activity that very few people get all dolled up for, but I'm willing to bet that Emily Ratajkowski doesn't set foot outside her home without looking absolutely aces. I don't know that she needed to go so far as to wear a blousy business suit to walk her dog, but her bare midriff is more than making up for the business suit.

I happen to love when Emily Ratajkowski wears glasses, not only because I have a thing for women who wear glasses, but because I have an especially big thing for hot women wearing glasses. Purging your image of perfection is always a good way to go through life, so seeing a woman as hot as Emily Ratajkowski wearing glasses makes me think that she's not some completely perfect being bred in a lab, but rather a fantastic collision of disparate genetics all crashing together in one body.

So guys, the next time you wake up early to take the pooch out for his morning walk and shit, make sure you're looking at least semi-presentable. You never know when Emily Ratajkowski is going to roll up with her dog looking like something out of a dream. When that time comes, guys, you don't want to be wearing your dirty sweatpants, trust me.

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency


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