2012 Summer Olympics

The Real Reason for the 2012 Summer Olympics — Spice Girls Reunion!

Okay, we can proudly say we were never into Spice Girls the music, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say that we didn’t punch our ticket to Wanktown at least once or thrice for each and every member of the bedeviling all-girl mega-pop group. starting with Posh.

Who knew way back then that Victoria Beckham would not smile for another decade, even after wealth and marriage to a soccer superstar and baby-making and 1,000 pairs of shoes in her close. Still, our dreams of banging whatever little stuffing remains in Posh while Wannabe plays on the surround sound, that still lingers, so we were more than thrilled, like little teen girls, to see all the Spice Girls back together for the London Olympics Closing Ceremony.

Personally, our closing ceremonies would’ve included a big GTFO REST OF THE WORLD and a small gift pack of scones, but London went all out, Spice Girls, The Who, George Michaels, and an entire ensemble cast we stopped watching the minute we punched that ticket again to the Spice Girls. Enjoy.

Liliana Fernandez Steiner Beach Volleyball Butt Shines Even in Defeat

Okay, trust me, we are getting all of your home-country Olympic email requests and we can’t possibly get through all of them before the end of the Olympics, but the ones where we say, ‘Damn, yeah, I remember that girl from NBCU channel at 2:30am’, those are  getting first priority.

Case in point, Liliana Fernandez Steiner, a buttockal standout on the sandy frame of the Olympic Beach Volleyball court this past week. And while there are a ton of sandy sextastic dumpers out there, and, let’s face it, this sport forces you to have a toned, tight set of rectal cushions, there have been a few noteworthy cheeks to, well, note. Including Spain’s finest, Liliana Fernandez Steiner. While Liliana may not be winning gold in 2012, she’s bubbled up warm feelings in our molten areas, and we could easily craft her an award without really using our hands. That’s a something right there, Liliana. Enjoy.

Is Kiwi Women’s Field Hockey Hotness Worthy of a Medal?

Of course, the minute we start lauding the hot looks of the Dutch Women’s Field Hockey team at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games (worthy laudation), men from other nations are going to be pimping the shizz out of their own country’s chicks with sticks athletic team, claiming they hold highest hotness honors.

Well, we can’t show them all, but the Kiwis are on to something for sure with their insistence for some hard looks at the sweet looks of their rugged field hockey players. Sure, any one of these women could and likely will kick your arse if you stare to long, but, no pain, no gain, so peep for yourself and see if the New Zealand lasses are worthy of a medal. Enjoy.

Kerri Walsh Bikini Beach Volleyball Butt: An Olympic Retrospective

For those of you out there first admiring the hard-yoked and barely covered behind of Kerri Walsh as she and Misty May Treanor continue their inevitable run toward gold in the 2012 Summer Olympic games, well, welcome to the party. The tall, lean, blonde net striker extraordinaire has been dominating the beach volleyball buttockal scene for many years now, with an athletic asstastic that has earned her boy-at-heart fans around the world.

While Kerri’s fiercely worked can has certainly not slowed down much in the dazzle-me-cheeks department in 2012, we really think her rump-in-Spandex peeked in Beijing in 2008, when on her way to her second gold medal, she found even skimpier bottoms to highlight the coming together point of her very long and talented legs.

Take a gander at her 2008 seat-region and see how you compare it to today. Enjoy.

Leryn Franco and the Sexiest Track and Field Women in the Olympics

As the London Olympics move into final nine days or so, the Track & Field events are about to become the main focus of the Games. And while plenty of attention has deservedly been on the superbly toned women on the beach volleyball courts, the ladies who sprint, jump, vault and compete in Track & Field now deserve their due.

Lolo Jones, the U.S. hurdler, is represented here of course, but also some other ladies you may or not have heard of quite yet. Case in point, Leryn Franco of Paraguay is a drop dead gorgeous model who also can throw the javelin quite far and who you will definitely want to search out.

So consider this your primer for some athletes you might just want to keep an eye (or both!) out for in the next week or so. Thanks to their official Olympic profiles, we’ve thrown in a few nuggets of info in case you’re watching with the wife or GF, you can pretend that you’re not just ogling, but a real fan of the athletes.

(Tip: you can see a sexy bouncy video of Leryn Franco featured at the very end of this week’s Reader Finds.)

Olympic Hottie Profiles: More More More Beach Volleyball Butts!

Let’s be honest, there are 87 sporting events taking place at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, and 82 of them or so are skippable. Okay, so maybe you’ve got your secret hidden passion for some obscure endeavor which only every four years is paraded about as an actual sport, but, for the most part, it’s pageantry and games you’d never spend a Saturday viewing on TV in the four years between the Olympic Games.

So, the IOC ought to be down on its blessed knees thankful for Women’s Beach Volleyball, which has actually made the Olympics interesting for men again. Obviously, NBC is well aware of this as they are showing up to 27 hours a day of Women’s Beach Volleyball coverage, and that still isn’t enough. The asstastic bodies on these sandy sextastic athletes is often unreal, as they bump, set, and spike your libidos into forgetting all concerns over the validity of the actual sport.

Take a gander at the latest and greatest rear-view glimpses of gold medal worth bottoms. Enjoy.

Usain Bolt Auditions To Play For Manchester United (VIDEO)

Usain Bolt
Shouldn't he be focusing on the 100m?

Usain Bolt is obviously really quick. In fact, you might even say he’s a little bit too quick. But his speed seems to have gone straight to his head though as he now thinks that he can simply waltz into any football team in the world.

And it’s not like he’s sets his sights on playing for a mediocre club. Oh no, he wants to star for England’s most successful football team, Manchester United.

To help him with his quest, Usain has made an audition tape that he will be hoping makes it into Sir Alex Ferguson’s hands.You can check it out above but don’t expect to be too impressed.