Leryn Franco and the Sexiest Track and Field Women in the Olympics

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michael-garcia - August 4, 2012

As the London Olympics move into final nine days or so, the Track & Field events are about to become the main focus of the Games. And while plenty of attention has deservedly been on the superbly toned women on the beach volleyball courts, the ladies who sprint, jump, vault and compete in Track & Field now deserve their due.

Lolo Jones, the U.S. hurdler, is represented here of course, but also some other ladies you may or not have heard of quite yet. Case in point, Leryn Franco of Paraguay is a drop dead gorgeous model who also can throw the javelin quite far and who you will definitely want to search out.

So consider this your primer for some athletes you might just want to keep an eye (or both!) out for in the next week or so. Thanks to their official Olympic profiles, we've thrown in a few nuggets of info in case you're watching with the wife or GF, you can pretend that you're not just ogling, but a real fan of the athletes.

(Tip: you can see a sexy bouncy video of Leryn Franco featured at the very end of this week's Reader Finds.)