‘Sharknado’ Will be in Theaters Next Week For One Night Only

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bill-swift - July 27, 2013

The Sharknadocontinues it's path of shark-infested shark-path of shark-destruction right to a theater near you.

Yep.The fine folks over at Regal Cinemas decided that the millions of tweets, Facebook posts and rural smoke signals heralding the shark-storm hybrid film were enough of a boost for the big screen treatment. Regal Cinemas Chief Marketing Dude explains:

Sharknado has become a force of nature in its own right. This project transcends the original television platform and has created tremendous buzz. There's just something epic about watching these huge beasts on the big screen with your friends and family. The crowd reactions will make for a memorable experience in our theaters.

Sure man, sure. In case you've been locked in a bathysphere all summer, Sharknado, a  horror flick staring theatre legend Ian Ziering and Nobel Prize candidate Tara Reid aired on SyFy a few weeks ago and everyone literally shit themselves. Seriously, I've read reports. The confluence of obviously bad horror combined with 90s nostalgia was just too much to bear for some folks bowels.

Anyways, yeah, you'll get to see it in theaters. For one night only. I've got papers if you've got weed.

[H/T: JoBlo]