Rita Ora Smoky Hot Lingerie Reveals for Tezenis

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bill-swift - March 7, 2017

Rita Ora looks a little different in every photoshoot. It's the lighting and the makeup, or in this case, the heavy fog on set of this Tezenis lingerie pimping shoot. That's why the men who care take the time to memorize the curves of her body, both in and out of bras and panties, so you can always spot her in a crowd. Or a solo artsy undies shoot.

You know me. I don't understand themes or motifs beyond mostly naked ridiculously hot and cleavetastic women. Rita Ora and lacy panties is more than enough. You start adding on and you're only mostly taking away. But that's why I'm not creative director of a fashion ad firm. In fact, I'm likely on a list of people barred from entry to the production facilities. Damn you digital age security measures. Rita, you look absolutely alluring. Less smoke. More skin and we're ready for heaven. Enjoy.