Phoebe Price Flashes Cleavage in Beverly Hills While Authorities Continue to Try to Find Out Who She Is

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bill-swift - April 16, 2011

Phoebe Price is one of those celebrities who you're not exactly sure how they became a celebrity. I think it's like Charo was for my old man. I pressed him on it once and he just threw a bottle of Jameson at me from across the room and yelled, 'She's famous because she's famous!' (Empty bottle of Jameson, papa was no fool.) I mean, sure, Kim Kardashian took the mighty thunder gulch from Ray-J, and Paris Hilton took just about everything else, but what has Phoebe Price done to be stalked by paparazzi? Well, for starters, she's constantly flashing her cleavetastic. That may be for starters and for finishers for all I know, but, still, it's a something for the batch of boob-loving never-growing up boys we call Egotastic!  Enjoy.