Paris Hilton Pushes Boobs Up Up Up for Bootsy Bellows Arrival

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bill-swift - October 18, 2012

One thing you must begrudge Billionaire Barbie, she knows how to make an entrance.

The blonde hotel heiress Paris Hilton arrived at the trendy Hollywood nightclub with her modest sized chestal region cinched up good and tight in a form fitting red dress, alongside her new young boyfriend, which for Paris means fresh new limb bruises and better yayo. But for us spectators, just the benefit of the showier outfits when heading out on the town.

Seems like a square deal to me, especially considering her boyfriend five boyfriends ago claimed he dropped nearly 2 million on expenses when with Paris, while she just dropped her panties. Hey, everything is a barter in the world of Billionaire Barbie. Enjoy.