Nintendo’s New Honey-I-Shrunk-The-NES Has A Retrotastic Commercial

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chris-littlechild - July 22, 2016

  So, the Wii U, huh? I’m sure Nintendo were trying to recreate the ass-on-fire success the Wii enjoyed, but… that didn’t quite work out, did it? Sometimes, you can take your balls-out innovation philosophy a little too far, and drop something a little too weird on us. For all kinds of reasons, the U just didn’t cut it. 

Oftentimes, Nintendo look completely out of touch with the modern world. Like a lumbering, confused dinosaur in a fancy business suit, sporting a sensible-yet-subtly-suggests-how-affluent-he-is haircut. The thing about that is, they live and die by their first-party releases, by the strength of their legendary IPs.

And, natch, by the nostalgia of fans who grew up with them. The grown-ass adults you see on the sidewalk, unashamedly celebrating their egg hatch or Haunter catch in Pokemon Go, are what keep the gravy train running. If you’re one of them, the Nintendo Classics Mini: NES is for you.

This lil’ bad boy was announced last week, a heaping helping of rose-tinted glasses just in time for the holiday season. Now, it’s got itself a fancy commercial, and it’s resurrecting one of the company’s greatest slogans of all time.


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