Nick Offerman Shows You How A Man Celebrates Fathers Day

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michael-garcia - June 13, 2016

Father's Day is coming up and for a lot of us that's a tough one. We don't know how to talk to our fathers, a bunch of Cat's In The Cradle stuff. But why do we need to talk to them at all. A man is defined by his meaningful silences. More can be said by two men sitting and drinking some nice whiskey than several hours of talking about their feelings. My father and I enjoy smoking cigars and drinking rum together and we talk about movies and not much else, (we're Cuban). Nick Offerman is a man's man, since he's pretty much the Ron Swanson character he played on Parks and Recreation but in real life. He's also a lover of fine scotch. Lagavulin has been using Nick to advertise their fine beverage for about a year and this one is oddly beautiful.

It involves Nick and his dad speaking in silences to each other while fishing. It made me choke up a little. 


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