Adriana Lima Sweats it Out!

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Echo Lawrence - June 1, 2020

Adriana Lima is sweating it out the right way! Rocking a sports bra to remind you what being a retired lingerie model is all about!

The Brazilian sensation has had a HUGE career thanks the the Victoria's Secret brand that made her a celebrity body, but her face wasn't so bad either. Her dark skin and light eyes really made her stand out all these years, making her like a familiar friend, since we've rode along her career the entire time!

I guess at 40 years old, or near 40 years old, she's scaled back on the modelling, but that doesn't mean she doesn't plan on keeping fit, or producing that content on her social media as an influencer or inspiration to anyone out there looking for some model life hacks, because she is privy to all the health, wellness and beauty products being as famous as she is.

Seeing as 80 percent of you are dudes, you're probably more into her outfit choices, or how great she looks getting her sweat on, because fitness is the best thing for mental health and a mental body!!

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