New ‘Skyfall’ Clips Have Bond Showing Off His Moves and a New Ticker (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 16, 2012

The Bond film series is one of the longest-running, most successful franchises in movie history. Skyfall marks the twenty-third film that highlights the skills and suaveness of James Bond. It's only the third movie where Daniel Craig stars as Agent 007, but it's the seventh time that Bond sports a trendy ticker from luxury watchmaker Omega.

This particular TV spot, which just debuted on the movie's official Facebook page, highlights Bond's new timepiece while he does what he does best. This clip follows five other videos that the studios released earlier to prime everyone up for the movie which hits this November 9th. If you didn't catch them when they hit, you can watch those spots hereand here.

We've also got two more clips from the movie after the break. The first one is pretty short, but don't worry because it's got a lot of Berenice Marloheand her appearance alone makes up for the video's length.

Our last clip is the one you'd most likely want to see as M orders Naomie Harris aka Eve to 'take the shot' and take Bond out. Now why would she want her prized agent dead? Enjoy!