Model Lauren Hubbard Taking A Shower Outside Showing Off Her Bikini Body

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rusty-mattis - September 27, 2018

Every single time I hit the beach I get sand in places I didn't know I could get sand in. While this is totally my problem and something I should seek medical attention for, I tend to hog the outdoor shower. I'm sorry I take so long, but there is so much damn sand. While I always get the stink-eye, I don't think anyone minds Lauren Hubbard hogging the outdoor shower.

In fact, if Lauren Hubbard wanted to just take a regular shower outside I don't think anyone would mind. In fact, I bet we'd all race to help her out. If there was a way to warm the water by hand, we'd do it just to make sure Lauren Hubbard had a nice outdoor shower. I highly doubt that Lauren Hubbard has the sand problem that idea, but one has to rinse off before heading back to the car or hotel room or wherever. Still few people make it look as awesome as Lauren Hubbard and her bikini body. I think we'd all gladly wait our turn for Lauren Hubbard.

So, if you see me at the beach, just know I'm going to be using that shower for a while. But while you are waiting for just picture Lauren Hubbard in my place instead. That will probably help the time go by faster.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA