Demi Lovato is Screaming Her New Song!

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Echo Lawrence - October 5, 2020

Demi Lovato is getting over her recent breakup the best way she knows how, by writing a new song called Still Have Me. Demi gave us a little sneak peak of the song in this new clip where she's screaming the song out to the camera.

The song comes after Demi dumped her fiancé Max, apparently the tea is Twitter caused this break up after users found old tweets from Demi's ex swooning over Selena Gomez. Demi and Selena have had some longstanding beef with each other so it was a blow to her ego for sure. Now the ex-fiancé is calling the entire relationship a PR stunt which makes him seem super bitter, I mean he lost his future wife, his second choice. Time will tell if dude ends up with Selena Gomez like he wished for in his tweets. Until then, here's Demi belting it out!

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