Miranda Kerr Is Wonderfully Sextastic and Showy for Wonderbra

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bill-swift - March 8, 2014

Anybody who thought Miranda Kerr wasn't going to get a million and one modeling gig offers the minute she parted ways with Victoria's Secret clearly hasn't been experiencing an erection lasting five years since first laying eyes upon her. She's got the goods to sell the shizz out of underwear. Other things we don't care about as much as well.

Wonderbra snapped up the bodily assets of Miranda Kerr to pimp their goose holders. They could not have made a wiser choice. The modestly bosomed Miranda instantly becomes a cleavetastic wonder thanks to the miracle of modern ladies support. I'm imagining their lovely descent once she removes the bra to remind me that it's my half-birthday and she has a present for me. It could happen. Anything can happen on a half-birthday. Enjoy.