Miley Cyrus vs. Victoria Beckham in the Battle of Daisy Dukes and Dominatrix Boots

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bill-swift - September 16, 2010

Like two peas in a diva pod, Miley Cyrus, forever in jean shorts (I mean, she'd wear them to explore the Arctic Circle, bless her heart and butt and legs) and Victoria Beckham, unusually laid back in denim, both the younger pop star and her Posh mentor, showing off high legs in short shorts and flashing some bad-assery leather boots with toes sure to upgrade the safe words for the S&M fetishists among us. So, who wears it better? When I stop imagining Miley Cyrus* and Victoria Beckham without clothes on, I'll get back to you.

(* What? Miley is still seventeen? This is nonsense, she's been seventeen for three years now. Ah, hell, put that 'imagination' comment on hold for two months please.)

Photo credit: / INF Photo