Metal Gear Chicken: Hideo Kojima Hits us With the Christmas Trolltastic

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chris-littlechild - December 30, 2014

If there's one thing Hideo Kojima loves, it's a ball-bustingly convoluted story. Y'know, terrorism and nukes, traitors and turncoats, double agents, triple agents and quadruple agents, that sort of BS.

But if there's another thing, it's just being freaking nuts. Through the course of Metal Gear Solid, he's brought us cardboard box shenanigans, fatass boss-dudes on rollerskates, long and prattling codec conversations about eff all, long ol' ladders to nowhere (complete with dramatic musical interludes) and other bizarre wonders. In the third game, I stabbed an alligator in the ass with a knife until it keeled over, and then ate it. We're dealing with a special kind of crazy, right here.

Really, what's left that this dude could do that would surprise us? A weirdly weird chicken hat for no damn reason at all? Yep, that'll about do it.

Christmas Day saw Kojima unleash a stream dubbed 'Kojima Station.' The nerdly Metal Gear faithful who watched all three hours of it were expecting something special. Release dates and assorted info-tacular about Metal Gear Solid V, for instance. So they were all kinds of pissed when this happened instead.

CHICKEN HAT!‘If you die too many times in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid,' quoth Kotaku, ‘or if you get caught a bunch, the game will ask you "would you like to use a chicken cap? Yes or no?"' This enables a sort of easy mode, it seems, where enemies are much less reactive to you. It also glows in the dark. You'd think that the two traits would be mutually exclusive, but anything in possible in Metal mothereffin' Gear.

Well, it was one way to spend Christmas day.

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