Aubrey O’Day Silly Instagram Post

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egoadmin - January 7, 2020

When it comes to the reality star Aubrey O'Day, who was created by some Diddy produced reality show, where they made a band called Danity Kane, where she rumored to have had sex with Diddy, before she went onto Celebrity Apprentice where she was rumored to have had sex with Don Trump Jr, before she went onto date one of the dudes from Jersey shore, her instagram is HILARIOUS.

I am all for the half naked, provocative, 35 or 40 year olds posting up photoshoots that may remind you of men's magazines of yesteryear, but we all know that there is no way Aubrey O'Day looks like this, and if she does it's all ass implants, breast implants, lipo and face fillers. It's the KARDASHIAN makeover, a look I don't like, but when there's a bare ass on the internet I find it IMPORTANT to post it. Even when the ass belongs to someone barely important.

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