Lindsay Ellingson Smoking Hot at UNICEF Ball

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bill-swift - November 2, 2013

It's hard being a second tier angel. You get no respect. Victoria's Secret angel hot list is a mile wide and a mile deep with supremely hot women, so much so that divine sextastic sweethearts like Lindsay Ellingson often get overlooked. Amazing that a girl who would make you crank your neck 360-degrees if possible to follow her sashaying down the street could be considered a bench player.

But Lindsay got her chance in the spotlight at the UNICEF Halloween Ball and made the most of it, killing the red carpet in a tight cleavy dress that let you know this girl looks amazing in clothes, lingerie, and I might pass out completely if I think about the third option. Just so super delicious. Let us agree to never forsake Lindsay Ellingson. Enjoy.