Lindsay Ellingson

Lindsay Ellingson Strips Down to Heavenly Body Bra and Panties For Love Magazine

Let’s be honest. The Love magazine Advent videos for the month of December have been rather hit or miss. Some good, some, well, Kris Jenner. Still, I applaud the effort of merging art with the sextastic, even if the art is so completely unnecessary. Perhaps they ought cut down their quantity next year and focus on the real visual game changes like V.S. model Lindsay Ellingson stripping down for her short form video edition.

Lindsay is one of those peekaboo lingerie and swimsuit models we simply don’t see often enough. She comes around every few months just to remind us how badly we’d like to trade one of our kidneys for five minutes alone with her in a zero gravity bedroom. Okay, that’s my personal dream, you may insert your own. But don’t tell me making the sexy while floating in space hasn’t caught your dreamscape fancy. If not, take a gander at Lindsay and see if you don’t start imagining the very same. Well done, Ms. Ellingson. You’ve raised the happy tingles bar once more. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Love Magazine

Lindsay Ellingson Looks Somewhere Between Crazy Hot and Outrageously Hot for Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret really does have a very deep talent roster. When they can drop down below their superstar list and pull up Lindsay Ellingson for a covered topless pictorial in lingerie, well, that’s a pretty deep bench. She’s one might fine role player, if that role be inducing lust in the heart’s of men.

We are going to be bombarded over the next several weeks with nothing but pink and red lingerie styled shoots of hotties reminding us to purchase some silky nothings for Valentine’s Day. I say good, bring it on. I am mature enough as a man to know the horrible idea of purchasing lingerie for the lady on this special day, and yet I am immature enough to request a twenty minute private time break with every new Victoria’s Secret catalogue arriving at the abode. A man needs to learn to compartmentalize his feelings. Also to make sure he locks the door. Enjoy.

Lindsay Ellingson Smoking Hot at UNICEF Ball

It’s hard being a second tier angel. You get no respect. Victoria’s Secret angel hot list is a mile wide and a mile deep with supremely hot women, so much so that divine sextastic sweethearts like Lindsay Ellingson often get overlooked. Amazing that a girl who would make you crank your neck 360-degrees if possible to follow her sashaying down the street could be considered a bench player.

But Lindsay got her chance in the spotlight at the UNICEF Halloween Ball and made the most of it, killing the red carpet in a tight cleavy dress that let you know this girl looks amazing in clothes, lingerie, and I might pass out completely if I think about the third option. Just so super delicious. Let us agree to never forsake Lindsay Ellingson. Enjoy.

Lindsay Ellingson Wicked Hot in Not Very Much Lingerie for Victoria’s Secret

Sometimes it’s hard to fathom how many fathoms deep the talent pool at Victoria’s Secret runs. But, suffice it to say, it’s deep. Just look at Lindsay Ellingson, who we often forget to remember even lives, thrives, and warms our cockles on the V.S. roster until one of her epic lingerie pictorials comes around like this and we wonder where the hell she’s been and why we’re not begging her in writing to join us at the Sizzler for dinner. Before 5pm when the prices rise for those under 80, natch.

Still, just peek upon this lady’s hotness and realize that she’s a truly world class stunner, with a body you might like to see coming out of the bathroom in something slinky or less. It truly is unfair when one company has so much talent on the roster. This must be how opponents felt when they faced the ’27 Yankees waiting for an easy spot in the lineup to come to the plate. Lindsay Ellingson home run. Enjoy.

Lindsay Ellingson New Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Photoshoot

Erin Heatherton, Lindsay Ellingson and Toni Garrn Victoria’s Secret “Love is Heavenly” Photoshoot

Lindsay Ellingson Drop Dead Delicious in Latest Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Shoot

So many ridiculously hot models in the Victoria’s Secret stables (the stables where I’ve applied to be groom boy so many many times), it’s easy to overlook the slightly less famous names, despite the sheer and utter hotness of these lesser angels. Lindsay Ellingson is a prime example. Perhaps less famous than her popular sisters such as Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel, Linsday Ellingson continue to drop sexy bomb after sexy bomb on the silk and satin clad pages of her V.S. photoshoots, leaving this slightly disturbed lingerie buyer to be seeking extra credit on his charge cards to make extra purchases before Easter time gift basket making.

Very hot shoot, Lindsay. Enjoy.