‘Let it Die’ Is Survival Horror With a Side of Crazy

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chris-littlechild - April 20, 2016

  The more discerning, suave, sophisticated and educated dudes-about-town among you (which is all of you, natch, because you’re here on board the good ship Egotastic) will know of Grasshopper Manufacture. This game developer has been going since the late nineties, and they always bring the Grade A batshit.  

Their biggest hit was probably the brilliantly demented Killer 7, which hit the PS2 and GameCube in 2005. This was the story of a band of seven assassins, all of whom existed solely within the mind of a schizophrenic wheelchair-bound dude named Harman. It was part FPS, part adventure and all nutso. After this came No More Heroes, which featured a nerdly otaku who became another killer-for-hire who fought with a funky lightsaber-ish thing.

There were some lesser-known titles in between, but all of Grasshopper’s games were powered by the madness of lead designer Goichi Suda, whose nickname Suda51 is now synonymous with balls-out crazy.

Anywho, on to the reason I’m telling you all this. Grasshopper are working on a mysterious new slice of survival horror for PS4, Let it Die. We’ve seen slim to eff all of the game so far, in terms of gameplay, but that’s cool. As this spangly new teaser shows, this is something worth waiting for. There’s no telling what exactly is coming our way, but you can bet I’ll be paying attention to it.

I came for the skateboarding Grim Reaper-alike, and stayed for that hideous lumpen flesh-thing with the human legs growing out of its face. I also cried a little at the words ‘free to play,’ but I’ll reserve judgment for later on that one.

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