Kimora Lee Simmons Bikini Pictures Attempt to Keep Up With Her Ex-Husband’s Young Model Girlfriends

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bill-swift - December 29, 2012

Look, we've all been there before. The ex hooks up with somebody new and you get all overly competitive. In my case you try to lift your own weight on the bench press because she got some new bodybuilder boyfriend and you end up pinned beneath a metal bar with three BBWs from the nearby Zumba class admonishing you to go with lighter weights as they pluck the bar off your gullet and save your life. It's not a good place to be.

So we can relate to Kimora Lee Simmons working hard to keep her bikini body in shape as she vacations with ex-husband Russell Simmons and his regular rotation of hottie model girlfriends, currently German phenom Hana Nitsche. And, somewhat begrudgingly, we must say, Kimora is doing a pretty damn good job and keeping in tip top bikini shape. It wasn't enough to keep Russell, but it's good enough for us to stare a leer or two. Enjoy.