Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons Bikini Hard Bodied in St. Barts Over Christmas

Say what you will about Kimora Lee Simmons, but when she gets ready for her annual detente trip to St. Bart’s with the kids and her ex, Russell Simmons, and whatever young model he brings along as his consort, Kimora also holds her own. Narrowing in on 40 these days, Kimora still shows us why Russell fell for her in the first place as a young 20-something go getter fashion model. Whether it be in her peach bikini drinking a cocktail…

…or her graphic white and bikini two piece with booty shots galore, Kimora Lee definitely hits the gym hard before her annual adventure to show her kids that mommy still looks better than daddy’s new ‘niece’. I’ve got nothing but respect for that. I’m not sure in the same situation I wouldn’t just get all big and round and bring a knife. Not Kimora Lee, she’s got the eye of the tiger and the body of a hot cat. Enjoy.

Kimora Lee Simmons in a Peach Bikini in St. Barts

Kimora Lee Simmons Topless on a Yacht (Damn You, Yacht People!)

Kimora Lee Simmons Topless on a Yacht in St.Tropez
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I’ve had to face up to some harsh realities in my life. Like Hormel canned chili is not a super food. Hamsters are not impervious to being run over by fat kids on Razor Scooters. And when a girl says ‘no’, she means she wants to date my better looking roommate. But I accept and I move on. Most of the time. My inability to obtain even the most modest of yachts continues to be a reality I can’t seem to accept.  Conceivably, if I could work 43,000 hours over the next two years, I could get a downpayment on a used economy schooner. And I just know wonderful events would ensue.

Like finding Kimora Lee Simmons topless on the bow of my ship anchored off of St. Tropez. She seems quite willing to do that for the right yacht. Or yachtsman as I would be titled. Maybe Skipper McBig to my mooring buddies. But girls, lots of girls, just sunning their bare tubes, like Kimora Lee. Life would be good. I am going to make this happen, somehow. Enjoy.

Kimora Lee Simmons Bikini Pictures Attempt to Keep Up With Her Ex-Husband’s Young Model Girlfriends

Look, we’ve all been there before. The ex hooks up with somebody new and you get all overly competitive. In my case you try to lift your own weight on the bench press because she got some new bodybuilder boyfriend and you end up pinned beneath a metal bar with three BBWs from the nearby Zumba class admonishing you to go with lighter weights as they pluck the bar off your gullet and save your life. It’s not a good place to be.

So we can relate to Kimora Lee Simmons working hard to keep her bikini body in shape as she vacations with ex-husband Russell Simmons and his regular rotation of hottie model girlfriends, currently German phenom Hana Nitsche. And, somewhat begrudgingly, we must say, Kimora is doing a pretty damn good job and keeping in tip top bikini shape. It wasn’t enough to keep Russell, but it’s good enough for us to stare a leer or two. Enjoy.

Hana Nitsche Bikini Hotness Shines For Russell Simmons In Front of His Ex, Kimora Lee Simmons

File this under the category of Things You Get to Do When You’re Flat Loaded.

Ever since media mogul Russell Simmons has ditched his ex-wife, Kimora Lee Simmons, well, he continues to holiday with her and their kids on their annual Barbados winter vacation, only now, every year, he brings along a new hot model or actress conquest, younger and hotter than his ex-wife. And they all have to get along just dandy like.

His current half-his-age squeeze is German stunning model Hana Nitsche, who flitted about in her little red bikini, playing with Russell in the surf and sand, while Kimora hung around with the kids and pretended this was all perfectly cool. I’m telling you, only a super player can pull of this kind of stable trick.

And just to drive home his player prowess, the 50-something Simmons instructed hot Hana to step onto his back along the ocean. It’s a sign that you’ve got so much tail you’ve got girls climbing on top of you. And it’s admirable in its own male arrogance. Enjoy.

Hana Nitsche and Kimora Lee Simmons Bikini to Bikini in Barbados

Kimora Lee Simmons White Pattern Bikini in Barbados