Kim Kardashian Beach Bunny Astronaut With Brand Spanking New Abs

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bill-swift - November 12, 2010

Hmm, the sexy curvy Kim Kardashian seems to have developed some Situation-type abs in this, granted, hot astrononautical photo in promotion of the Kardashian line of Beach Bunny swimwear (well, technically, there's a Kim Kardashian swimsuit line and a Kourtney Kardashian swimsuit line, but no Khloe Kardashian swimwear. Aw, sad face emoticon.) Well, Photoshopped abs aside, Kim Kardashian remains a sexy celeb that I'd like to jet into space with, say, on a three year mission to Mars, trapped in a tiny space capsule, just the two of us, plus, of course, Kim's publicist, hair stylist, makeup artist, bodyguard, personal assistant, wardrobe consultant, and Kris. Of course, Kris. Meh, think I'll stay on earth and watch the tailors sew yards of spandex around Khloe before they lift her back into the ocean. Enjoy.

Hey, look, it's Kim Kardashian picking out panties for our trip to Mars!

Photo credit: Splash News