Kendall and Kylie Jenner Get Down to Adult Type Vegas Pimping

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bill-swift - December 17, 2011

Classic Kardashian spin. Kendall Jenner, the taller, leaner, hotter Kardashian tweets out to her now two million followers about how much stress she feels studying for finals; meanwhile, she and sister Kylie Jenner and the big gun Kardashian sister trio are off in Vegas promoting the shizz out of their new craptastic merch store at the Mirage hotel.

As you know, we've officially surrendered on our campaign to save the next-gen of Kardashian girls from their uber-pimping mom, now cashing in her own self at ten percent of the Kardashian $65 million a year revenue trough, and now that the girls are earning bank from modeling and hocking faux jewelry themselves, everybody is fair game for our ogling eyes. And these two teen sisters certainly seem destined to outshine their evil older half sisters in the long run.

I mean, sure, it's probably going to take a sex-tape at some point, and not sure Ray J is down for a return wet play call, but count on some type of scandal befalling the girls, right about the time the new reality show kicks in. Enjoy.