Bella Hadid Makes a Trash Bag Look Good!

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Echo Lawrence - December 3, 2020

Bella Hadid is up to something weird. The model shared a video to her Instagram that shows her wearing a black trash bag around her chest and her hair up in a ponytail that stands straight up on her head. We then see two people in PPE begin to apply silicon to her face to create a mask of her face. First of all, where do we buy one? Second of all, where are the breathing tubes? Did Bella really hold her breath this entire time?

The model has yet to share any details behind the video but we can assume she'll end up with a full copy of her face like Bella Thorne has sitting in her bathroom! The model also shared some photos of her running around NYC and going on a small shopping spree, admitting that she is indeed a Shopaholic.


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