Kate Upton Is Cleavy Hottie in Miami for Something Fashiony

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bill-swift - March 15, 2014

If you've got a town full of models, why not put on a fashion show. I guess Miami felt the same way. And, more importantly, they invited Kate Upton and told her to wear something low-cut. I'm not sure you need to remind Kate Upton to do that. All the same, she did, and the show was an instant success.

Kate Upton doesn't need to do much herself in the way of wardrobe to receive the majority of ogling attention at any event. In fact, no wardrobe at all would earn her 100% of that figure. But she seems obliged to wear clothes in public, sadly, so we settle happily for peeks of her twin peaks bubbling out of her low cut tops. It's a job somebody's got to do. I'm happy it's me. Enjoy.