Ireland Baldwin Gives Ya’ll the Finger!

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Tex Hollywood - June 22, 2020

I like to think Ireland Baldwin is fed up with all the haters! I watched the Alec Baldwin roast and she was the punchline. It may be in part to the woke society not allowing the comics to make fun of Alec Baldwin for anything but being a bad dad, or at least the kind of dad who calls his daughter a little pig on a voicemail while going through a divorce with her mom, before starting a new family to make up for his failures the first time around and all it took was a hot Yoga instructor with a fake accent to show him the light.

That's not all Ireland needs to be angsty about, she was on instagram early, doing the whole bikini beach thing before her cousin moved in with her arsenal of Kardashians, Jenners, Hadids and Biebers to really climb the ranks as the more relevant Baldwin of her generation, despite her dad being the less famous Baldwin of his generation, because I guess being the daughter of the loser Baldwin made her put in more work, leaving Ireland in her wake.

Not that Stephen Baldwin is the lowest on the Baldwin rankings, even if he spells Stephen with a "PH", they have Daniel Baldwin for that.