Josie Canseco Super Hot Bikini Booty

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bill-swift - June 15, 2015

Looks like somebody turned barely legal and couldn't wait to start showing off on social media. Not precisely the end all of what we'll be expecting from Josie Canseco in the year of her eighteenth birthday and visual wonderment freedom, but what you call in the sextastic photo business, a healthy start.

Being the daughter of Jose Canseco seems like about ten obstacles on the road to normalcy, but Josie Canseco seems to have come through to the light in bright hot bodied perfect goodness. Taking after her model mom and her narcissistic father, you can bet Josie has just the right genes for one helluva string of goodies. Whilst waiting, peruse the prurient pics she's been posting to her social media accounts. I feel like somebody just announced rabbit season and I'm Elmer Fudd, only, that's not my gun, I'm just very happy to see Josie. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram