Jessica Biel Wicked Hot in W Magazine

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bill-swift - March 15, 2012

Word on the street is that Jessica Biel and her new engagement with Justin Timberlake may be related to a baby-to-be, and that does sort of fit both the timeline bill, as well as explain why one of Hollywood's most prodigious tail catcher might be hanging up his spurs, at least on paper. So, we'll be checking the belly carefully, as well as all the other luscious parts of Jessica Biel, much of which is displayed in the April edition of W magazine, which celebrates the all kinds of 7th Heaven alumni hotness in the form of Jessica Biel poolside.

Now, the magazine pictorial may be intended to get women to buy stuff, but any time Jessica Biel is primped and flashing, the gentleman-ogler has got to consider purchasing a free gander of her visual treats. Enjoy.