Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel Panties And Busty Lingerie In New Flick “Accidental Love”

The lovely and talented and busty as heck Jessica Biel is all boobs and panties in these pics from her latest film Accidental Love. She appears to be some kind of car hop in the 50′s, which is super hot in and of itself. But the rest of the photos show her showing off her bra and massive cleavage popping out of her dress. As if that wasn’t enough there are also several panties shots with her butt hanging out. How did I not know that this movie existed? I’ve been a big fan of Jessica since back in her days as the hot older sister on Seventh Heaven. I would tune into that terrible show just so I could ogle her.

I am going to be the first in line to see this movie. Sweet Jesus, if this is just a teaser imagine what other goodies are in store!

Photo Credit: “Accidental Love”/K Jam Media

Jessica Biel Bikini Pictures Strutting in Hawaii, A Rare Biel Bikini Appearance!

Depending on which gossip rag you read, hopefully mine, Jessica Biel is either pregnant, on the rocks with Justin Timberlake, both, or neither. I do know that she’s certainly one of my all-time hottie favorites. And I would say based on how traditionally fit Jessica is, the extra bit of curves does seem to indicate somebody to to her womb with their reproductive intentions. But I can’t say anything for sure. And I’d hate to start a panic.

So I’d suggest we all just take a breath and collectively ogle the rarely seen bikini body of Jessica Biel, a little slice of seventh heaven hot lady goodness, and imagine how nice it’d be to spend an afternoon healing her sunburns on the lanai while she softly purrs. At least, that’s how it goes in my mind. I can actually hear the purrs. Oh, Jessica, stop, I’m just getting to your straps. Enjoy.

Jessica Biel Booty Hotness for MOMA Fundraiser

I don’t care what it takes to get Jessica Biel out in public, in a figure hugging dress, flashing some of her mid-to-serious level wooty, I’m just glad it happens.

Last night, Jessica Biel made one of her rare fine female form public appearances in a tight dress for the Museum of Modern Art film benefit in New York. Every now and then the demure wife and actress gives us a glimpse of the Jessica we first fell in lust with years ago, and it’s always rather epic. It’s unfortunate that she’s become so skin-shy in her still-young married years, but it takes all kinds to make this blessed sextastic world go ’round. Including the girls we only get to see showing off some asstastic twice or thrice a year. It’s a holiday season treat. Enjoy.

Jessica Biel Yoga Pants With a Hint of Toe To Brighten Your Day

Sometimes I feel like a farmer waiting for the rain to come. You wait and wait and then in the most unexpected moment, the fertility gods rain heavenly life sustaining droplets upon your seed. Jessica Biel has been a literal no show pretty much since she got married, turning into something of a reclusive marm save for some red carpet and fancy appearances where she’s been in seventeen layers of clothing covering up her sweet award-winning body.

But, now, thanks to work on set of her new film, and the blessed sanctity of yoga pants, Jessica Biel is back and ogle-worthy, even the cleft of her camel toe trying to peek out after a long period of dormancy.

You can hide yourself off from the world all you like, but you can never contain the sextastic. It’s like truth, justice, and John Travolta, it will eventually come out. Enjoy.

Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Stacy Keibler Lead List of Hotties in Leather at New York Fashion Week

Somebody very wise once told me, in every pile of poop there is a nugget of gold. It took me a lot of really messy ventures before I realized this was just a metaphor for finding the silver lining in cloud, which, is also a metaphor I never really understood. But I applied it to New York Fashion Week, a multi-day celebration of people spending tons of money to cover up women’s bodies. At least, that’s how I see fashion. And it could be quite depressing that so many billions of dollars go into making it harder for us to see the true beauty of the fine female form, were it not for the fact that so many fine females actually attend events like New York Fashion Week.

And I couldn’t help but notice this weekend, so many of them were in leather. Now, chaps and spankings fantasies aside, there’s no denying seeing super hotties like AnnaSophia Robb, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, and Stacy Keibler in leather goods makes me feel like a very horny cowboy. I was going to say happy cowboy, but you’d know I just meant horny. So, check out these gold nuggets of hot tanned cow skin. It almost makes Fashion Week worthwhile.

Jessica Biel In Tight Jeans? Yes, I Have Time for That

Jessica Biel has never been much of a public show off, much to my chagrin, and since she married Justin Timberlake, she’s really hard to spot even out much in the social eye. So when we get a chance to scope Jessica in a pair of booty form hugging jeans, we are going to delve our eyeballs right in there.

Jessica Biel has always been one of the most alluring girls in all of Tinsel Town. And that’s saying a lot since she tries so little to garner attention. But a butt is a very powerful weapon, that along with some stellar good looks, well, people will find you even if you’re not trying to be seen. Enjoy.

Jessica Biel Blessedly Booty-Ful Walking Dogs in Stretch Pants

Oh, thank you, once more, inventor of stretch pants. Both the man or woman who scientifically composited such a sheer material. And the people behind the female fashion industry who blessedly transformed these thin booty-hugging leggings into an acceptable form of dress for women out in public. Granted, there are the occasional blips in this strategy. Yes, I said blips, not blimps. But, when Jessica Biel comes along in a butt-shape baring dog walk, all is forgiven and stretch pants once again regain their exalted rank.

We haven’t seen much of Jessica Biel since the wedding to Justin Timberlake. He seems to be traveling the globe. She seems to be home alone with the dogs. Lonely. Wanting. Needy. Ahem. Enjoy.